Reprieve and Other Shorts
by David "Benny" Bonello

Handmade Second Edition Books Made By the Author
(there are still copies of the first edition, collector's version available ─ just click)

Cover Options

Crocodile (green and textured)

A soft, blue material.

(Note that these were decorated with strings of aluminum which always fell off, so we don't use that particular paper anymore.)

The material around the actual binding is naugahyde-like, with a texture. You can choose between black and silver.

There are two versions: One is simply signed, and the other is dedicated to you, or the person of your choice and then signed. The first version can be purchased via Pay Pal for a donation of $100.00, the second can be purchased only by check or money order for $150.00. This is because Pay Pal's rule is: "everything is returnable." If someone orders a customized book, that book is not returnable, thus it has to be paid for up front with a check or money order. We will not start work on it till everything clears.

The waiting time is three to six months for your copy, so try not to be in a hurry.

Please keep in mind that this is all a fundraising effort and that no human being gets paid for any of this work. You are basially donating your money to our organization, and for your generosity, you will receive a treasure.

We've done some research on handmade books and published it: Here.

If interested, write us here: