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People are like snowflakes: no two are alike. What works for one person doesn't necessarily have to work for another and can, at times, do damage. This information is presented to you as information only and is not designed for self-assessment or self-treatment. Never go it alone. Find a professional to help you on your way to perfect health.

As we were about to push the Send Button and get this newsletter out, someone called and told me to turn on ABC. Prime Time Thursday aired an investigative report on Alternative Cancer Therapies. Their conclusions, methods, etc. just had to be answered, therefore we have a link to their online report and our response here: Quacks.

1. Online Friends - We've Moved to a NEW LOCATION!!!

2. We Are Proud NOT TO BE a URAC Accredited Health Web Site

3. Identity Theft - How To Avoid It

4. Free Astrological Reading For Breast Cancer Patients

5. Letters - Warning: this one might shock you - and one GREAT success story.

6. Meet Hickory Tree Grove

7. Shark Cartilage Revisited

8. Cancer Patients Force Study - We have the power if we stand up for our rights!!!

9. Garlic Revisited

10. Soy Warning - The Final Nail in Soy's Coffin - But Fermented Soy is STILL GOOD FOR YOU

11. Wobenzyme Update - It is again available in the US, and we've got something else for you.

12. Mad Deer Disease?

13. Stealth Viruses

14. Why I Don't Hate Doctors - Even though only 9% of oncologists will take chemo...

16. Meet Dr Charles Knouse, DO

15. How to Heal Cancer




Online Friends

RoadKill Rob (RK1385) donated 50MB of space to Online Friends and after two very frustrating weeks, all of our Online Friends pages are on one server, in one location. 

The URL to the site is:

Now, this is the FIRST page of Online Friends. Some of you have asked to have certain pictures removed, so we've moved some pix around and on the first page you'll find still more new pictures. If you surf from page to page, once in a while you'll run into a spot where a picture has been removed (and you'll see This Space For Rent). If you want, send me a picture to put there.

Now, for you people who are just a little bit computer literate and know about URLs and what they do, you will be glad to know that moving from page 10 to page 19 is now as simple as typing in a number. For example, here is the URL to page 10:

Now here is the URL to the last page (thus far), page 19:

As you can see (if you look really close at the document name, right side of the URL), the only difference between page 10 and page 19 is the name of the page: fr10.htm & fr19.htm. Thus, to move from page to page, all you have to do is type in the page number into the URL after the "fr" and before the ".htm" (but don't type in the quotation marks).

Please note that page one is not fr1.htm, but rather fr.htm. 

We have new pictures on page 19 and a few more friends to say goodbye to. Some of them were not online, but their friends and family were. Take time to send a prayer or two to those people who lost a loved one. 

Again, a special thanx to RoadKill Rob for his generous donation to our cause.

We Are Proud 
a URAC Accredited Health Web Site

So this guy walks into a bar...

Ok, it was bound to happen, we at the International Wellness Directory were eventually bound to tell an off color joke, just as some group of "experts" was bound to come out and tell us that THEY know GOOD medicine when they see it and that they have been appointed by some force you, the little person, could never understand, to "approve" and "certify" the health information you are spoon fed, etc, etc, etc,

The story goes like this...

News Release

Nation's First Accredited Health Web Sites Announced; Program Helps Assure Reliability of Information yadda yadda yadda.

"Today's announcement is a major step forward for consumers," said Garry Carneal, URAC president and CEO. "URAC accreditation provides them with an important tool to identify health Web sites that meet tough standards for quality."

"We are very proud to be among the first to earn the URAC seal," said Don Kemper, chairman and CEO of Healthwise, Incorporated. "There is no more authoritative measure of having earned the public's trust."

The public's trust? Good one.

This organization purportedly is certifying the "quality" of the information too. "Quality information" is a euphemism for "party line." 

Listen, we're talking "heath care" here. These people know what quality health care information is, supposedly. Does the health care this "quality information" represents actually work? is it safe? 

This isn't the point of certification. The point is that this information is certified by people who know better than you do and you have to trust them.

Here is what this health care is certified to do: it is certified to kill over a quarter million people a year at a cost that is utterly outrageous. The US is ranked by the World Health Organization as 24th (can you believe this?) in longevity and ranked #1 in medical costs.

Here is what you get if you believe this certified quality information: 

You have a seven times greater chance of dying because of a visit to your doctor's office than you do getting into your automobile.

You have an 8 times greater chance of dying during a two week stay in a hospital than in serving a ten year sentence at a penitentiary.

You play Russian roulette every time you get a new prescription, increasing your odds of being poisoned by it four-fold with each new prescription.

You are safer in a combat zone (as a combat infantry person) than in bypass surgery -- even though your doctor knows bypass patients live no longer than non-bypass patients. 

This is the information you are destined to get certified by the URAC. 

The quality of this certified information is in NO WAY a reflection of the quality of life it leaves you if you use it.

Why? Medicine in America does not focus on the quality of your life. (We're too busy certifying the quality of your information.) Medicine knows absolutely nothing about the most important facet to health and that is what you eat, drink, breathe, and think. Medicine is tied to pharmaceutical interests (that support medical schools, provide curriculum, furnish books, and then there are the lunches, golf tournaments, vacations, perks and whatever) and  corrupt FDA officials who allow all this (and more!) in hopes of getting cush jobs with the corporations they protect. 

The quality of this information is not based upon any success rate or even the number of causalities lain in its tracks.

Modern medicine treats disease by treating symptoms. This is one reason it is so attractive. You take a pill, the symptom is gone. 

The name of the organization is either URAC or the American Accreditation HealthCare Commission. Having read their press release six times through, I'm still confused as to what URAC stands for, or how they got URAC out of American Accreditation HealthCare Commission. But maybe they'll get that straightened out soon and then they can go back and certify their name.

Editor's note: we just found out that URAC stands for Utilization Review Accreditation Commission, though we thought that IDIOT (Information Doesn't Improve Our Theories) would have been more appropriate. 

Our promise to you: 

The information at this site and in our publications is aimed at you the person; you the body/mind/soul human being with faults and foibles and dreams and aspirations. You have loved ones who need you. You have a life to live and much more joy to experience. You believe that freedom and joy are your birthright. 

The information at this site will be accurate, understandable, thorough, and usable. If we make a mistake, we will fix it. 

The information at this site will be objective, unbiased, and aimed at healing you, the total being. 

If you think that this site is already biased because of the stand we take on many conventional practices, then you apparently live in a very dark closet. Our stand is based upon:

1. Does it improve the quality and quantity of life in a respectful, meaningful, and helpful manner?.

2. Is it successful in the long run, safe, nontoxic, and as painless as possible?

If this is a bias, then yes, we are biased. We are biased along the same line as the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates who demanded, "First, do no harm."

This is our promise to you.


Identity Theft - How To Avoid It

Once in a while we talk about things that seemingly don't have any connection to wellness. However, if you want to get really really sick, lose your identity to an identity thief.

This information was received from someone who had lost his identity, and then who researched ways to correct the  problem. Here is what he came up with:

First take everything out of your wallet (not the money) and photocopy both sides of "everything" (credit cards, license, birth certificate, you name it).

Then write down the phone numbers to call if something turns up missing.

Store all of this in a safe place, or make two copies and store in two safe places. Keep a copy of the account numbers and the toll free number handy (to cancel them if the need arises). 

If You Should Lose Your Wallet (or it is stolen) 

Call and cancel everything. 

Next, whether it was stolen or lost, file a police report in the jurisdiction where the theft/loss took place. (This proves to credit providers you were diligent, and is a first step toward an investigation should there be one.)

Now, most important of all, call the three national credit reporting agencies and place a "fraud alert" on your record; you'll need to give them your full name and social security number. 

This is the most important step because once a fraud alert is placed on your identity, any time credit is applied for under your identity, the creditor must call you to confirm everything before they can issue any new credit.

The numbers you will need are (the first three are the credit reporting agencies):

Equifax: 1-800-525-6285
Experian (formerly TRW): 1-888-397-3742
Trans Union: 1-800-680-7289
Social Security Fraud Hotline: 1-800-269-0271
FTC's ID Theft Hotline: 1-877-438-4338


Question: W
hile I was in Israel, doctors did this one
thing and mortality rates dropped 50% immediately.
When I returned to the US, doctors in Los Angeles County
did this exact same thing and mortality rates immediately
dropped 50%. 

What was it these doctors did?

Answer to be found below in the article,
Why I Don't Hate Doctors


Free Vedic Astrological Reading
for Breast Cancer Patients

In a past newsletter we made this offer once, and only two people actually contacted Laurie for a reading. Now come on!

Have some fun. If you were to have this done professionally you'd pay well over $50. Or contact that fraud on TV who does tarot and you'll wind up paying upwards of $200. So, help this person with her study and have a little fun and get something for free!

So, if you have breast cancer or had breast cancer, or someone in your family had it (you will get a free reading too for your help) and you know the following information:

Exact date of birth,  location of birth, time of day (to the minute), date of cancer onset (as close as possible), date of diagnosis, date(s) of surgery/surgeries, date of remission (if in remission) or date of death, contact Laurie Leigh Friese at [email protected] with this information.

Now, she will not do this through email but prefers to do it over the phone. You may email her to arrange a time to call her. If you want the reading recorded, send her a check for $5.00 for the tape and shipping after she gives you her address.

Be patient, she doesn't answer her email that often as she's caring for her father who needs to go back and forth for dialysis treatments.

Laurie is a wonderful person and I hope you'll all try to help her out with her study.

Question: What contains more calcium than the 
same exact sized portion of Mother's Milk?

See below: Meet Hickory Tree Grove



I've received many many MANY letters from you thanking me, cursing me, telling me, asking me....just letters and I enjoy them all. I will always try to answer these letters, even the ones telling me I'm a devil worshipper and I'm going straight to hell (however, don't expect to understand my answer to that kind of letter). 

Many of you on receiving my newsletter (in your e-mail box) are living with cancer. This letter I got could be a bit disturbing, for it was created by a very passionate person with a gift for words. We all cope differently. The reason I present you with this is to offer you another perspective. We often need a fresh perspective on things. We often need a slap upside the head. And sadly, our friends, the ones who should be slapping us upside the head, only feel sorry for us and can't do a thing to help us. Sometimes we just need to sit on a coal before we move our butts, ya know what I mean? Well, if you don't find this letter at least interesting, maybe it will help just one of you get off your duff and go heal yourself, or maybe find just one good reason to stay here. Ok?

There was an actor on television last night--Robert Ulrich (I am not sure of the spelling). He was talking about his fight against cancer. There were clips showing him totally bald from the chemo. He talked about how he had no energy, was listless, and how fighting nausea every moment made him even more exhausted. He talked about how he struggled to keep some semblance of routine in his life but -- and this is the big one for me-- but at night, as soon as the sun went down so did his spirits, his hope, his strength, and yes, even his courage. He said that in the dark (his words) he was afraid. That the night was terrible because he realized how alone he was. He could not distract himself from the truth of what was going on inside him. Even now, he does not look forward to the night. You see, I am not the only one who feels this way. It is a horrible terror to feel your death coiling inside you, hear it hissing--threatening your every move, your every thought, your every hope, and dream. And, this goes on day after day, after week after week after month after month--over 180 days, over 24 weeks, over 6 months, running over Thanksgiving, trampling Christmas, stomping the New Year, brutalizing spring. You cannot sit up. You cannot eat even mashed potatoes or sip water because your mouth and throat are covered with blisters..... your hands tremble and you cannot stand nor sit up and being forced to lie down enrages your pride. Your head is freezing but wearing hats and scarves 24/7 even in the dead of winter (and how conscious one can be of that phrase!) begins to irritate and mock you......You are cranky because you do not know where to put yourself.....sit up, lie down, stand, sit down, lean this way, then that, lie down, weep bitter bitter tears, watch the light outside grow dimmer and feel your own light going out. Envy the sun, fear the night. You are on chemo not recuperating...each day you are not getting better but rather you are getting worse. And, there is no pay off at the end promised at all. There is no "be good, work hard, hang in" and you'll be okay....maybe not the same but okay. There is only prognosis "not good." You look at the people around you and in their eyes you see you have already become a shade. Even the most mundane things become a source of embarrassment to them....."Hi, how ya doin'?" Do you answer truthfully, or are you, for the sake of their sensitivities, compelled to say "fine, just fine.....hanging in there." You listen to yet another tale of someone's mother, sister, who prayed to God to save her and is now free and clear of cancer.........How do you respond? Super, oh wonderful.... or do you demand: to know what of all those who prayed and were not saved, as images of the beautiful young woman who used to come into the therapy room and cover herself in blankets while she endured the endless drip of "pink koolaid" into the veins of her thin arms....her small voice crying out to God to please help her..and who now is gone forever......come to mind.......or the grandmother whose hands trembled and who was raising her young grandson and who earnestly prayed that God might save her so that her grandson would not have to go to a foster home, but who died without hearing even a whisper from God. You want to ask, did they not pray hard enough? Did they not have enough faith? And, if they did not, what chance have you who does not believe at all? You resolve then to acquire faith. You go to church, you pick one from a sampling in childhood, and you go to the priest and you open your cloak and bare your wounds in front of him, and put his hands inside them, and you silently beg him to pray for healing, for a cure, for the death of this serpent that is killing you.......he prays for your understanding, for your acceptance, for your soul.......perhaps the priest is too wise to pray for a drink the blood and consume the body and you feel the flush of shame and hypocrisy, of desperation and fear --a scarlet fever in your soul......Are there any so lost as those abandoned by Faith? You rise from the altar, turn to walk down the aisle and out of the sanctuary that isn't. Milton's Adam and Eve walking hand in hand out of Paradise, facing the wilderness together......only you are one to hold your hand...... the irony of their eviction--a serpent, have never felt so cold in all your life and you wonder if death is this chilling. You try to cry to feel sorry for yourself because someone should feel sorry, but tears do not come, because chemo has sucked all the extra moisture from your body and you are bone dry. You go home and chase yourself around the kitchen still another day to make yourself take the four tablets of cytoxin that you know the instant you swallow will set your guts on fire and retching will immediately follow. You scramble the best you can to the bed and grope for the suppositories that you have to use to keep from vomiting up the "medicine" and you try to keep the ludicrously comic image of your awkward, bumbling insertion of these belly jewels from making you laugh because if you do laugh you will not be able to insert them and you may die laughing....hour after hour, day after day, week after week, month after month, IVs, pills, suppositories, x-rays, ultrasounds, blood counts, platelet counts, numbers rule your life.......number of liters of koolaid......number of pills....number of white cells, number of red cells, number of cancer cells, number of platelets, weight going up? going down? florid skin, ashen skin, swollen membranes, cracked and blistered the nose, in the throat, cracks in your skin, in your heart, and in your mind......and then it is over..... you go to the doctor and he says well, time to take you off chemo.....and the moment you thought you would cheer, you cry instead.....dry sobs--heaves of real terror now.....because you have come to believe that chemo no matter how brutal, how barbaric has kept you alive so far.....and now that too, is being taken from are so weak, light headed, unable to focus, chemo brain it is called.....that you thank the doctor, manage a smile because like everyone else he expects it......have to be "up" have to be "perky" have to be "positive." Now, truly you are more doctors, no more chemo, nothing but you and the serpent that is not dead within you, but has been put to sleep only. Death slumbering inside tread carefully from now on lest you wake weep in hope in secret, you love ever mindful of the venomous rattle stirring in feel you are cheating, betraying those who might love you in return because you know that the forever you promise is already a lie, so you love many and speak the truth to few.....and each day you try to build your strength so that you can make it through the night, and each sunrise you steel your courage against the inevitable sunset.........and so it goes now, hour after hour, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year...and those who do not know say "wow, after five years I understand you are in the clear..." and you think of the woman who died yesterday after ten years being "cancer free" and you shiver......and smile the obligatory smile and give the thumbs up signal to reassure those who do not know.........Some say try to be tranquil ....meditate your way to good health......perhaps for some this may be true......but for me, passion......passion in all its facets, all its glory and rage, all its tumultuous and exhausting drama is the only way to live....anything less is the calm, cool, quiet of six feet under.....the tranquil silence of ashes blowing in the wind.....the meditative zone of nothingness.......the still mind of mindlessness........You understand now why the dragon cannot and must not be slain? To kill the dragon is to put an end to passion--an end to life!! I am the most blessed amongst women......! oh, and I love you....(smiling) Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Amen!

Success Story! 

Someone from Cancer Support (using a different name than her cancer support chat room name) sent me her story. And what a wonderful story it is! To read it, just click here: Kathy's Story.


Something Special for Our Readers

There is a wonderful, simple, and fun personality
test that came for years in a book, with cards.
On the cards were colors. You arranged them in
the order you liked them. Only, take some time
to really "feel" your feelings about that color. 

Long story short: this test is online. Go take it. You'll
be amazed. Print out the results.



Meet Hickory Tree Grove


Yes, the drink that contains more calcium than mother's milk is orange juice. But to be sure, you have to insist that you are drinking organic orange juice. (A while back I spoke with a scientist who was assaying oranges from conventional orange groves and he told us that he actually had found some oranges that had virtually no vitamin C in them.)

So, meet the latest addition to the International Wellness Directory: Hickory Tree Grove in DeLeon Springs, Florida. Here is what they say about their place: 

"Our philosophy, at Hickory Tree Grove, is to provide you with a source for the best tree-ripened citrus fruit possible at an economical price. We are a small husband and wife operation with 400 citrus trees. Most of our trees are the delicious Florida navel orange, but we also have pink grapefruit, hamlin oranges and the delicate satsuma mandarin tangerine. We use only organic grove care methods in maintaining our citrus trees; no pesticides, no herbicides and no commercial chemical-based fertilizers. If you're looking for tree-ripened, organically grown Florida citrus, please give us a try."

Hickory Tree Grove  is run by Dave and Sheila Fedor and can be reached at:

Hickory Tree Grove
4510 Audubon Avenue 
DeLeon Springs, FL 32130. 
386. 985.1654
[email protected]

Shark Cartilage Revisited

One of the alternative cancer therapies (that I was never very hot on in the fist place) is back in the news again, and this time a study showed that it didn't work. Now was this study conducted by the same idiots who said antioxidants don't protect against cancer or that vitamin C causes atherosclerosis? 

Sorry for being so tongue in cheek, but studies seem to prove whatever the monied interests funding them want to prove. 

I've never been big on Shark Cartilage: it's too expensive, can't be easily taken, tastes terrible (my dog loved it) and there were limited studies. Yes, it did extend my dog's life longer than estimated by our veterinarian (who told me, "Whatever you're doing, keep doing it. It's working.")

What is hopeful about Shark Cartilage is the age it has ushered in, the age of antiangiogenesis agents. Things that stop the growth of new blood vessels. Even the drug copy cats being produced right now are about as non-toxic as drugs can be. 

Additionally, I got this letter from a reader who pointed out something interesting that is now being performed in Czechoslovakia (English is his second language, so...):

Dear friends,

Why could not anti-angiogenesis be combined with simple, but 100% sure and safe ligature of veins [vessels]?

The 1st stage of clinical tests of ligated tumors is finished at 4 Czech hospitals with excellent results:

Total ligature of tumor, left in the body, does NOT cause sepsis.

There is NO reason, therefore, why could not everybody use this instrument to reduce immediately volume of the tumor (with reduction of pressure, supplied formerly by blood), followed by gradual shrinkage and finally total elimination of the tumor by its starvation.

At least at inoperable tumors, where there is no other option than just leave them untreated. [Not sure what is meant here.]

Martin Tlusty.

He left us this link to his web site: 

I just thought I'd pass this along. Not that anyone is going to suddenly jump up, run out, and change the way we handle solid tumors, but if you have cancer, you MIGHT want to DISCUSS this procedure with your oncologist. It's your body. Your tumor. And see below on what happens when cancer patients come together to demand their God-given right to freedom of choice in health care.

Cancer Patients Force Study

From a contributor in Duluth, Wendi Carlson, we get the following story:

A grass-roots group of cancer patients, their families, and other advocates, after months of putting pressure on the cancer establishment, has finally made a little progress. The group, based in Boston, has gotten the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to take a closer look at the alternative cancer treatment called 714X, a remedy that many of the groups' cancer survivors credit with saving their lives. 

714X is a liquid, nontoxic formula said to strengthen the immune system, and the NCI has said it will decide "soon" if they will fund a trial on the formula. Since 714X currently doesn't have FDA approval, doctors cannot prescribe it and Americans who want to try it must import it from Canada. Because the creator of the formula, Canadian biologist Gaston Naessens, has no medical degree, no American institution has been willing to study it. The one researcher who tested 714X in 1999 at Boston's Dana-Farber Cancer Institute dropped the project early in 2001 with no explanation.

Learning that the research on 714X was inexplicably halted, several activist groups got involved. Cheryl Cavallo, a 40-year old woman fighting metastasized breast cancer, and Billy Best, a 23-year old Hodgkin's survivor, reported that 714X saved their lives. The parents of Best, along with Cavallo, started talking to anyone who would listen to them about the promise of this treatment. One newspaper and three television stations in Boston finally ran some stories on the successes of the formula, and due to the media getting involved, Faye Austin, Ph.D., director of research at Dana-Farber, asked the NCI to reconsider funding a trial.

In August of 2001, Naessens and his Quebec-based company, CERBE Distribution Inc., presented 16 case studies to the NCI regarding 714X. If the institute decides to fund a large-scale trial, that could be the first step in the FDA approving the product for the USA. 

I've said it before and I'll say it again, together we are a powerful force. We can stand together to beat the system. A strong, silent, peaceful revolution is brewing. It will take a lot more sick people getting a lot more angry before it happens, but it will happen. We will have our birthright if we stand together and demand it. 

One-quarter of all women in the United States will be abused 
at some point in their lives. (National Clearinghouse
 for the Defense 
of Battered Women. Excerpts from Statistics Packet. Third Edition, December 1994.)

90% of women who have been physically abused by their partners do not discuss 
these incidents with their physicians; 
57% do not discuss the incidents with anyone. 
(The Commonwealth Fund. Survey of Women’s Health, July 1993.)
Battering accounts for almost one in every five visits to emergency rooms by women.

Garlic Revisited

I picked up a copy of Bottom Line Health (newsletter or something) and read that we won't get all the wonderful phytochemicals from garlic by eating it because they are destroyed in the stomach by our digestive juices.

Let's back up a bit. We reported much earlier to you that when cooking with garlic, to get the full effect of the medicinal benefits from garlic, you must first chop it up (or crush it) and let it sit for ten minutes to allow the chemical reactions (of the enzymes) to create the beneficial chemicals BEFORE cooking with it. 

Now we are told that digestive juices destroy garlic's medicinal benefits? 


The outcome of the article was advice as to which garlic supplement to purchase. 


I don't know about your Creator, whether it be a He or She or It or Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, or Muslim. I know only that MY Creator did not make any mistakes. My creator did not put such a wonderful food (garlic thins the blood, is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic, is a natural chelator (pulls toxic metals from your body) and is ANTI-TUMOR) just to let our digestive juices destroy all these wonderful properties. My Creator did not screw up. 

Garlic's enzymes in the stomach go into a dormant state and reawaken in the small intestine. Grind up your garlic before using it if you are cooking. And get plenty of it. Garlic is good food. Garlic is good medicine. My Creator is pretty cool, eh?

Soy Warning

More often than we'd like to admit, we here make mistakes. However, admitting to err is the best way to correct a problem, and let's face it, if we don't ever admit we're wrong, we'll never be able to say we're right.

Learn and live and live and learn.

The only soy product this site will ever recommend again are the fermented soy products (like tempeh, soy sauce, and others). We have gone through every article at this site and corrected our original materials. The evidence is overwhelming. Soy is dangerous. Fermented soy is wonderful. 

Being very lazy at heart, I'm not about to tell you all the dangers of soy, as our good friend Dr Mercola already has and we'll just send you to his site:

Dr Mercola's Soy Index

Wobenzyme Update

Because of Mad Cow disease in Europe, Wobenzyme was not available in the US. 

However, it is back on the shelves again (as of Feb 2002).

There is a vegetarian form called Rutozyme. There are not tons of studies on Rutozyme as there were on Wobenzyme. There have not been millions of dollars sunk into research on Rutozyme as there were on Wobenzyme. But we are told by those in the know that Rutozyme will live up to Wobenzyme's reputation. 

We will keep you informed as to where to get Rutozyme as soon as we find a good supplier. In the meanwhile, I'm told that it is found at some health food stores and pharmacies.

Mad Deer Disease?

So now we're finding deer out west that have the same symptoms as Mad Cow Disease. 

Mad Cow Disease is caused by feeding herbivores (animals that are meant to eat grasses, etc.) animal protein. Mad Cow Disease is caused by HUMAN intervention.

In the wild, no herbivore will eat animal protein. Mad Cow is a Human-Made-Disease.

So then, how did these deer get this disorder?

Here is my theory. I challenge everyone on this planet to prove me wrong. I do not want to be right. Because if I am right, there is really little hope for survival on this planet. 

The only plausible reason for wild animals coming down with this disease is Genetic Engineering of our foods. In some GE foods animal genes are spliced into the DNA of the plants. We've got tons of evidence that a field on that side of town affects fields on this side of town (because pollen travels). We've already seen this. Farmers who thought they'd grown non-GE crops suddenly discover that their crops have been contaminated.

Could plants spliced with animal genes cause Mad Deer Disease? If you have a better answer, please supply it. Write to me: [email protected]

If this is the cause, we're screwed. We've focused our attention on the Cloning issue (harmless) and allowed our corporate scientists to create frankenfoods and stealth viruses and .... a number of things that, in the name of healthy profits, could wipe us all out. Well, even Freud said a long time ago that the purpose of psychoanalysis was to fix a patient so he can go back into a sick society

And one more thing. Even if you believe your Creator has really screwed up and we have to re-engineer the foods He or She has provided for us, Genetically Engineered Food is BAD science. Even if your concept of the universe is godless and you believe ONLY in the Natural Selection outlined by Darwin, GE Foods is still bad science. Natural selection tells us that we and our foods have evolved together. That we are eating the foods we are supposed to be eating. That any changes in the foods we are to consume, MUST be associated to a concomitant change in the organism eating it. In other words, plain and simple, natural selection means that what we have now is the best it will ever get and any change induced by a man-made force could only make things worse. Just plain bad science. 

Stealth Viruses

Another cause of cancer? Linked to Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Alzheimer's, Multiple Sclerosis? You probably have one or two right now. If you're a sexually active teen, you have one. If you fought in Desert Storm you definitely have one, most likely two. Read this: Stealth Viruses.

Why I Don't Hate Doctors

I get a lot of letters asking me why I hate doctors so much. Yes, this is probably the angriest newsletter I've ever published, but you have to keep in mind that I've been working with the Online Friends pages for a while, trying to get them all up and running on the same site (which is hard when six or seven pictures have the same exact name) and I've had a lot of time to reflect on all my friends who've passed on since first meeting them online. Yes, I'm very angry that I've lost so many good friends, that families have been forced to suffer these losses, and that kids are raised missing a parent. We're supposed to believe in quality care here in America but the Japanese are kicking our asses in health care and they're using non toxic methods. You bet I'm angry.

Why don't I believe in Chemotherapy for cancer? Because if it doesn't work, it contributes to your demise. If a mushroom doesn't work, it doesn't kill you, and it makes a great stir fry. And you live to try another therapy.

Japan is ranked (by the World Health Organization) #1. We're ranked 24th. Will we learn from the Japanese? No. Our form of medicine is not aimed at helping patients, it is aimed at making profits. (When HMOs and Hospital Personnel get together for meetings, the bottom line is profits, and not patient care. This is just a fact of life in America.)

But hate doctors? I do not hate doctors. Doctors have been duped just as much as patients have been duped. 

I am violently angry at the Pharmaceutical Interests for holding American Medicine hostage. I'm angry at a system that makes Alice's Wonderland look almost normal: Smoke alarm goes off? Toss it out the window. Warning sign appears? Knock it down. A ticking timebomb? Stop the damn ticking. From a corrupt FDA that has contributed to the carnage to a status of God we've layerd on our physicians like a thick impasto, I'm angry with the system, but no I don't hate doctors. I am angry at the status we've heaped upon Doctors; the status reserved for Gods. 

Reader's Digest has an article: "What Doctors Know About Prayer." Apparently what we know is not valid till Doctors know it. 

A television commercial has someone passing an antacid to a person who states, maybe I should see a doctor about this, to which the first party replies, "You already have." If a doctor gives us something, it MUST be good, despite the fact that this scenario is a case study of malpractice: this doctor just diagnosed (without any tests) and prescribed (an over the counter antacid) to a person who wasn't even his patient. Despite the fact that some acid-indigestion can be caused by dehydration; despite the fact that after the age of 40 most heartburn is caused by too little acid than too much, despite all this, we are supposed to feel better because we got this from a DOCTOR.

I'm not a Doctor, but I play one on TV. Watch commercials on meds. Look for the implications we've assigned to the term "Doctor." All drug commercials depend on your belief in "Doctors." 

In Russia a "doctor" holds a very low status. A doctor is a public servant. However, a PhD holds the highest standard. A PhD is a scholar.

In Israel, pilots hold the highest social status. During the Six Day War, it was pilots who won the war in the first hours of combat by wiping out Lebanon's, Syria's, Jordan's, and Egypt's air forces. 

Do Doctors deserve this status in America? Only if Pharmaceuticals want to make money. And boy do they. I can't wait to see a commercial that says, "Eight out of 10 homeopaths choose ..."

Though there are doctors who do enjoy the accolades, the position, and the status of being a doctor (read Kathy's success story to hear about one), many physicians are done a disservice with our putting our undying faith in them. Many doctors know, more than you, how human they are. 

Doctors are duped just as we are duped, but doctors suffer for 10+ years to get duped. 

To make it through medical school, one has to deprive him or herself of nearly everything we all take for granted: a social life, a love life, a family life. They have to study endlessly, they eat, sleep, drink and think medicine, the competition is cutthroat, and when they finally graduate they are thousands of dollars in debt and with marriages edging on divorce. After all this suffering, after giving up everything for so long just to graduate, a young physician MUST believe that what s/he has learned is God's Own Truth. To believe any less would mean one had wasted one's life; that one had suffered all for nothing.

The catch phrase of medicine, the one they use as their all time favorite when attacking alternative modalities of medicine concerns, ostensibly, the welfare of the patient: 

You see, if someone is dabbling in the alternatives, "they won't be getting the medicine they need."

Despite all contrary indications that conventional medicine kills, that other countries have better medicines than we do, despite all the lies and deception we're forced to suffer, they tell you that they know what medicine you need.

This is tyranny. Plain and simple. People need choice, freedom of choice. That is the medicine we need: Choice.

Though medicine is changing (not fast enough if you are presently dying), for those physicians who have yet to realize that healing is so very different from anything they have been taught, I have pity. I feel for them. They've been brainwashed. They've learned nothing about us as humans. They do not know how to treat our body/mind/soul-selves. They know nothing about nutrition. Yet they are coerced into thinking they know it all. They are experts who believe in experts. They are authorities who believe in authorities. For the most part, they are the blind leading the blind.

To know this, just talk to a physician whose eyes have been opened. Just ask a physician practicing integrative medicine (a form that uses the best of all modalities whether allopathic, homeopathic, naturopathic, or psychopathic (haha)). Just ask a physician who's learned that health is the natural state, and that anything short of that can be corrected by returning this human being back to her/his natural state. Just ask her. Just ask him. 

"This hippopotomonstrosity we call medicine moves slowly with elephinity and sloth. Change comes slowly. We all know something is wrong, but change comes slowly like a rhinoceros fitting into a girdle." said Dr Dotoomuch.

In medicine there is far too much for one person to ever know. In healing the human body/mind/spirit there is far too much for any one person to know. People ask me what my qualifications are. "Are you a doctor?" they ask. I've read reviews of this site saying that we have excellent information, but questionable authority. 

I like to respond to people, what were the Wright Brothers' qualifications to build the first flying machine? They certainly weren't pilots. 

If you want to learn how to heal, the information is out there. If you want to become an expert in any subject, the information is out there. You do not need a PhD to learn another language, why should you need an MD to learn medicine, especially the medicine your MD never learned? 

I do not hate anyone. I despise the state of medicine in America. It does not heal disease, but (for the most part) simply controls, hides, or masks symptoms. Yes, as I've stated in the past, our Trauma Care and diagnostics are second to none on this planet. But the overall state of conventional medicine is medieval. It is barbaric. It is ridiculous and IT DOES NOT WORK. In the long run, our medicine does not work. 


What is it that the doctors in Israel did to cut mortality rates 50% (and later Los Angeles doctors did the same)?


When doctors go on strike, patients quit dying. 

This is the state of our medicine. 

It is not aimed at patient care; it is aimed at making profits. 

For a medical device to be approved, it must be tested thoroughly at costs that are phenomenal for EACH disorder it is said to "cure."

This means, if you were to invent a machine that does everything acupuncture or qigong does, it would cost over a zillion dollars to be approved by the FDA and certified for use. 

The cost of "proving" and "approving" anything in this arena of medicine is prohibitive. This means only the rich can play. They even play using your tax dollars. This way, the system guarantees that the pharmaceutical interests (who have the money) will stay in control of medicine. It also means that individuals who manage the FDA will have a good job with the corporations...well, with the people they "worked for" already, when they retire.  

Someone once asked me, "What do you have against Free Enterprise?"

The answer is simple: "It ain't free."

People with power and money have devised systems to ensure that they keep that power and money. In future newsletters I'm going to introduce you to some amazing machines that heal. They heal EVERYTHING. But they cannot LEGALLY be used to heal anything because they have not been proved according to an FDA which is protecting the entrenched powers. 

Right now, a medicine or device must prove itself to be effective in fighting a disorder. If proven, it is then approved. 

What is needed is for a medicine or device to prove only that it is safe. If it is safe, THEN it should be approved for use. As to its effectiveness, WHO CARES? Really, who cares if it works? 

If it doesn't work, it won't be around very long. If it does, everyone will be using it. This is the secret to Chinese Medicine. It's been around so long, it does not need to be tested by us (though we do because this is our paranoia). It doesn't need to be tested because anything that has been around 4,000 years MUST work. 

Throughout history, if something didn't work we got rid of it. If it did work, we kept it. If something works better, we drop the old and take up the new. Just look at the business world. If you don't work you get fired. This simple rule applies to everything, whether business, sports, or rocket surgery. 

Nope, I don't hate doctors. Many of my best friends (not to mention family) are doctors. I hunt out the best doctors (and healers) in America and introduce them to our readers. In the Wellness Directory of Minnesota (hardcopy edition) we list some of the best doctors in the world who have gone way beyond their formal education to learn how to help you heal. The state of medicine IS changing because of these doctors, and yes, we have a long way to go. Though right now, I'd like you to...

Meet Dr Charles Knouse, DO

Dr Knouse lost his mother to cancer. He was appalled by the treatment she'd received at the hands of conventional medicine and decided to go to medical school and treat cancer alternatively. However, his hands are tied by his state laws and by the FDA and he has to work within their restrictions. He works extensively with cancer patients, using those things he CAN use here in the US.

"I have spent fourteen years now researching the literature world-wide on alternative treatment of cancer, and, within the bounds of what I can do in the U.S., I have created my own program that I believe combines the best of what is possible within the U.S."

His program is:

Intravenous vitamin C, high dose, rapid infusion, potentiated. 
Intravenous alpha lipoic acid.
Far Infrared Hyperthermia.
Patient-specific, tumor-specific vaccine and cytokine injection series.
Patient-specific supplements for apoptosis, antiangiogenesis and immune activation. 
Self-exploration work, including breathwork (deeply moving and insightful), for immune activation.

His most recent clinical result, based on two months of the program:

Stage 4 breast cancer, with metastases to pelvis, abdomen, lungs, and lymphatics. Mets in pelvis and abdomen completely cleared. Lung mets now more than 80% cleared. Lymphatics now more than 50% cleared. Patient states that she feels great, better than she's ever felt in her life. Good appetite.

Charles Knouse, D.O. 
The Young For Life Medical Clinic 
507 Richland Ave Suite 101 
Athens OH 45701
[email protected]


How to Heal Cancer

We want you to read this; it is what has worked for many, including Dr Loraine Day so visit her web site

One of our sources told us of an "unpublished" Harvard study in which they discovered that when oncologists are hit with cancer, only 9% of them use chemotherapy. Maybe they're onto something. Ya think? 

Bless you all,

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