A New Usage for HealonPF

During one of my regular checkups at the VA hospital. I told my doctor to take a look at my ears. I'd thought the hearing in one ear seemed to be going.

She examined it with that light they use and said, “Of course. You’ve got a brick of wax in there.” She pulled it out and showed it to me, then cocked her head remarking, “With all your knowledge on alternatives and home remedies and voodoo and the like, I’m amazed you don’t know the simplest method for stopping earwax build up.”

“Ear candling?”

She rolled her eyes and sighed, “A drop of oil. Olive oil or whatever you have on hand. It breaks down the wax so the cilia can transport it out the canal.”

This made me wonder if this was another age related malady; if younger bodies produced the oils necessary to keep wax from building up in their ears, and if as we age we supplied less and less; but then it hit me, the ear must be one filthy place.

The wax has a purpose. It traps dirt, bacteria, dust, and the cilia carry it all out the canal. The process needs to be greased.

Now I don’t want to sound like Sara Palin, but right now, right here, the solution is oil.

I looked up at her saying, “Ears must be a nasty body part.”

“Filthy; worse than feet. You’ll find more ear fungus than foot fungus. And some of the ears I look into . . . .” She shot a glance upwards, turned and sat at her computer saying, “Yours . . . now yours are nice and clean. Except for the Giant Hulk you had living in there.”

That was it. It was full of life, having trapped all that stuff but unable to take out the garbage. The system had to be greased.

So there you have it. As you have guessed, the oil I use is HealonPF. It just makes sense. I also rub a drop around the outside of the canal and throughout the folds. That makes sense too.