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August, 2008


 June – July, 2007

To begin with I must say that I have been extremely “health conscious” for years and fortunate enough to have enjoyed better than average health for about the last 40 years.  This changed during the months of June & July, 2007, as I started to experience a urinary problem.  I had the urge to urinate frequently, especially at night, but little to no fluid was excreted.  I visited my primary care physician who referred me to a very reputable Urologist in Delray Beach, Florida.  After a series of tests including x-rays and scans a bladder mass was discovered.  A cystoscopy was scheduled to further investigate the problem.

August, 2007

On August 14, 2007 (the day before my 74th birthday) I underwent the procedure.  It was determined that my ureters (the two tubes that run from the kidneys to the bladder) were completely obstructed.  Due to the obstruction on both sides, the doctors could not access my bladder and obtain the necessary biopsies.  In addition, the doctors were not able to place stents in my uterers.  The goal at that time was to stabilize and preserve my kidney function which was deteriorating rapidly. 

After 4 days the stents were successfully inserted through a subcutaneous nephrostomy procedure. I spent a total of 1 week in the hospital.  Due to my complicated clinical presentation I was referred to a top Urological Team in Miami to further examine this problem.  The referred physician’s credentials were excellent which included his association with the Jackson Memorial Hospital, the University of Miami and the Miller School of Medicine.  I was comfortable with the fact that I was with one of the best and in good hands. 

September, 2007

On September 19, 2007, I underwent another cystoscopy in Miami.  The doctors were successful in obtaining 15 slides for biopsy. The doctor also determined that I had a large irregular shaped tumor in the bladder wall “about the size of a fist!”  “The biopsies results would take a week to 10 days.”

Without volunteering my intentions with the examining doctors I immediately started treating myself with alternative therapies including UV Light Therapy, Covalent Silver and a variety of herbs.  I also contacted a friend of mine, Dr. Leonard Haimes in Boca Raton, FL.  Dr. Haimes is a MD that specializes in Alternative Therapies, such as Chelation, Vitamin drips, etc.  Dr. Haimes started to administer Vitamin C Infusions, Ozone Infusions and Homeopathic Injections to further stimulate the immune system.

When my biopsy results arrived I scheduled another appointment on September 27th to further discuss my problem.  At that time I was advised that I had a “very high grade, high stage cancerous tumor.”  The Urologist recommended I immediately begin a 4 month course of Chemotherapy/Radiation followed by a complete removal of my bladder.  I was told there were “no guarantees that these treatments would be successful” and “I should immediately prepare myself and put my personal affairs in order.” 

I opted not to follow the recommendations as outlined.  Rather, I chose to continue an aggressive course of action utilizing several alternative therapies I was familiar with.  I also received a letter from the Urologist dated September 27, confirming the diagnosis.  After a discussion (and frankly, for me to personally extend the time for my Alternative Therapy procedures) we agreed that I would undergo a Colonoscopy to confirm that the cancer was not in my colon, but in the bladder only.  Further, it was mentioned that I might want a “second opinion” and if so they would establish a visit to Memorial Sloan-Kettering.  I indicated that I would think about it and if I choose to accept a second opinion I would probably want to go to the VA hospital in Miami as I am a veteran having served 4 years in the Navy.  

October, 2007

On October 4, 2007 I received an additional letter indicating that a second and confirming diagnosis had been received from John Hopkins University. Their laboratory also confirmed that I had a “very high-grade tumor”.  I was again urged to “put all other affairs in my life aside” including scheduling an appointment for a colonoscopy and to immediately begin their treatment procedures.   

I elected to wait and continue to “buy” some more time with the Alternative Therapies I was using.  (Again, please be advised that this is not to suggest, recommend or influence anyone to do what I did, as this was my personal decision and my risk).   On October 17th I underwent the Colonoscopy procedure.  The results were that my colon was “polyp free”. 

November, 2007

In early November I asked for a second opinion and the Miami VA was selected.  After several pre-op visits with the Urology Department, another cystocopy was scheduled for December 5, 2007.

December, 2007

At the conclusion of the cystoscopy on December 5, I heard the doctor tell my wife that “there was no sign of a solid mass tumor,” in the bladder.  Eight (8) biopsies were taken and the results would be available in about 10 days.  On December 14th I visited with the lead doctor.  He reported that the biopsies were all “negative for malignancy” and “negative for dysplasia or neoplasia”.

Obviously it was one heck of a Christmas Present for my wife and me.  I used to think about and wonder how and why I ever became so involved and passionate with the Foundation and Alternative Therapies, especially after spending 45+ years in the financial field.  Now I know and it’s called FATE.  It saved my life!

January, 2008

On January 30, 2008 I was scheduled for an additional procedure including removing the stents, if possible.  During that procedure one stent was removed and one was replaced and was to be removed at a future date.  Another biopsy was taken. 

February, 2008

On February 27, I went to my scheduled appointment at the VA Hospital in Miami.  I was again diagnosed as “negative for dysplasia or neoplasia”.  I am to be scheduled with a future appointment in about 60 days for a further examination, biopsy, and to consider removing the remaining stent.

July, 2008

On July 16, I had a “procedure” performed at the University of Miami Hospital (formally “Cedars”).  At that time they removed the second and final stent and not only did they take a biopsy of my bladder, but my prostate as well.  On July 24, my doctor called and told me that the results of the biopsy indicated that both my bladder and prostate were “cancer free”.  He also indicated that “he had no words to explain the results.”  I say “God Bless Alternative Therapies”, those that developed them and those that practice them!

August 1, 2008

On July 31, 2008 I underwent a full abdomen CT Scan at the University of Miami Hospital and Clinics in Miami.  My liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, adrenals and lymph nodes were examined.  The results indicated they “appeared normal” and there were “no signs of any cancer.”

Bob DiStefano, Managing Director
Health & Wellness Foundation
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