First Do No Harm

Christine's Story

One of the readers of our newsletter discovered AGS or Force-C just as her dog, a 4 year old female German Shepherd was diagnosed with uterine cancer. She found a way to order Force-C online (it can be difficult) and began giving her pup nearly the full dose daily (dogs weigh less than humans). After the bottle was gone, she brought her pup to the veterinarian and to both of their surprise, there was no sign of cancer in the dog.

We next heard back from Christine when she called to tell me that her dog was pregnant and that she's emailed me a photo of the sire, a beautiful, champion “red” German Shepherd.

A short time later, she called telling me that she had 8 beautiful pups playing in her kitchen. I went to visit and fell in love with them. I even thought of adopting one, till she told me that they’d be sold by the breeder of the sire at $5,000.00 a piece.



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