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Joe's Story

Dear Wellness Directory of Minnesota,

I donít know who you are or why you do what you do, all I know is my wife loves your web site, and that [unreadable] saved my life.

I was diagnosed with a glioblastoma and took three months of radiation. The tumors shrank just a bit, but I was told at my age, that there was nothing more they could do. I had been to both Sloan Kettering and the Mayo Clinic. Each time there was nothing more they could do.

My wife kept printing out things she found at your web site. For breakfast, thereíd be a sheet of papers next to my coffee. I told her thereís nothing they can do. Over and over. Seemed like just a silly waste of time and effort. I would rather just spend the time being alone with her and the grand kids. My will was made out and a coffin paid for and I was all ready to move on. Finally, one day I just got tired of her nagging me to try something or read something specially [sic] since my vision [was] nearly gone and so she started reading to me at nights. I said, enough is enough, how much is that stuff? When she told me it was nearly $4000 I said, sorry, no way, thatís just too much to waste on a dying man. I told her if she wanted to get it sheíd better sell her car or something because I wasnít about to waste our money on it. Well, she sold her car and bought it for me, this Poly-Mva. She also had me on the crapper drinking charcoal and clay and was making me drink mushroom tea morning, noon, and night and bought a juicer too. At first I thought this was one hell of a way to treat a dying man, but then I started feeling better.

To make a long story short, before the poly was half finished, I got my vision back again and was walking round the neighborhood with her and feeling like I was going to live forever. Last week, my oncologist says itís a miracle: no signs of a tumor.

I donít know who you people are, but hereís a little something for what youíve done for me and my wife, because Iím supposed to be dead right now.

Oh, by the way, I went out and bought her a new Cadillac.

Joe & Diane

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