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In 1984,  at age 41, I was diagnosed with a very small (3 mm.) infiltrating ductal breast cancer.  It was found by accident following pathology on a larger area of fibrocystic tissue that had been removed from the tail of my breast.  I was advised to have a wider area of tissue removed along with some lymph nodes to determine if I needed radiation and/or chemotherapy.  I refused this and went to the Immuno-Technologies Cancer Clinic (its present name) in Freeport, Bahamas.  The treatment I began is called Immuno-Augmentative Therapy (IAT) as developed by the clinic's founder, Lawrence Burton, PhD.  Dr. Burton died in 1993, but this very individualized immune therapy is still available at the Freeport clinic as of March 2009 when I am writing this.

I remained on IAT for 5 years and then Dr. Burton suggested that I could go off the therapy as he thought my immune system was strong enough to keep me healthy on its own.  But within one year of going off the treatment, I developed another breast cancer which was visible on the skin at the same location as the first surgery.  I had another limited surgery done (a lumpectomy) and this revealed five microscopic cancers in the removed tissue as well as the visible one which was 1.5 cm.  I was now advised to do a mastectomy as well as lymph node removal and chemotherapy.  I again rejected these options and chose to return to the Freeport clinic.  I have remained on IAT since then.  It is now 25 years since I began taking IAT and I remain in good health with no side effects from the treatment.  I believe that the cancer is still "in my system" and it is controlled with IAT treatments.  I hope to have this available for the rest of my life.

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