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Sharon's Story

[While battling cancer, Sharon and her husband put out a small newsletter detailing their experiences. Here are excerpts from their final newsletter. I will try to like all they talk about to the places at our site where they are found.]

Updated: 28 February, 2005

We have been looking forward to this day with cautious anxiety (I alone with trepidation as I would have to up-date this mess once again….) for three months now.  Now that it is here, we are so lightheaded with the news that we do not know which way to turn.  It’s official!  Sharon is in 100% full remission, the “cured” word even came up in the conversation.  Not even a shadow of a shadow remaining anywhere.  Sharon’s cancer is completely gone or has mutated to a form undetectable by ct-scan!  In light of today’s super bugs, this may be possible!  Sharon’s ct-scan results indicate: “The previously noted multiple pulmonary nodules have resolved.  Currently, a pulmonary nodule is not identified.  There are no pleural or pericardial effusions.”  It just doesn’t get better than that after stage IV ovarian cancer with mets to the lungs…  Particularly after both  doc’s statements that Sharon’s cancer was not responding to Chemotherapy, that there was nothing more that they could do for Sharon (short of a new drug protocol at Stanford or UC San Francisco), and that she probably would never be cured!  Sharon’s current doc is in denial indicating that he should have taken a biopsy of the lung tissue as maybe it wasn’t cancer after all; “because lung metastases do not go away like that! “

Well folks, the information on Artemisinin says that it will do just what it did, and the Artemisinin did it in grand style!  The Megase (Sharon’s last chemo regimen) protocol may have softened the cancer up a bit, assisting the Art. in eliminating the mets.  We may never know.  All we can tell every one of you reading this document is that the below outlined regimen of herbs removed all visible signs of cancer from Sharon between her neck and upper legs!  The only difference in regimen since the last ct-scan is a reduction in Artemisinin to 300mg per day in lieu of the 1000mg formerly taken.  All else remained equal.  Additionally, Sharon’s remission is not a spiritual or emotional “spontaneous remission” as the medical community would otherwise describe it or have us believe!  We consciously addressed this problem, educated ourselves (if that ‘s possible) with regard to the alternatives, began a regimen of alkalizing Sharon’s “terrain” through a change of diet, drinking water, and supplementation, and, addressed the cancer directly with herbs shown to have beneficial effect  on removing this scourge from the body!

* * *

For the first 2.5 years of this experience Sharon and I chose to complacently follow our MD’s suggestions and Sharon endured several operations (some of each operation was solely to repair problems left over from the previous operation) and 4 rounds of chemotherapy. We are still in this mode with a need for a hernia repair resulting from Sharon’s 2nd operation which, in part, was needed to repair a large hernia left over from the first operation. The 4 different rounds of chemo failed to stop the cancer from metastasizing to Sharon’s Lungs.

When our oncologist and local MD suggested to Sharon that “…there may be nothing more that we can do for you.” We decided to take charge and cure this problem ourselves if we could. That was only 3.5 months ago! One of Sharon’s patients suggested Artemisinin, which locating the product led to the Wellness Letter which brought us to many additional ideas and ultimately provided enough information and links to information, and then further links to additional information, for us to derive a game plan.

From the hours of reading pages and pages of truth and hype we came to the following conclusions: 1. We had to change our dietary habits drastically!, 2. We had to raise the pH of Sharon’s terrain immediately (lower her blood alkalinity). and, 3. We needed to cleanse our systems, detoxify, and establish a maintenance lifestyle such that we can avoid a recurrence of this problem. We have evidently been successful with items 1 and 2, now to carry-on and establish a number 3 plan.

Here is what we did to turn things around for Sharon:

Start immediately on raising the pH of your terrain; add green leafy veggies and greens to your diet right away. It is an established medical fact that cancer cannot survive in an oxygen rich environment (i.e.: overly alkaline blood; see Acid/Alkaline foods below) , period, end of subject. Cancer thrives in an anaerobic (oxygen depleted) environment!

Make vegetable (and chicken or turkey) soup stocks at home with green tops and leaves
Use chard, spinach, and other greens in your salads and dinners
Use electrolyte drops in daily drinking water

Try VIVO, found at Albertson’s in the energy bar section
Try positively ionized (pH+) water

Start a balanced supplement schedule with your daily diet changes:

RM-10 (or other mushroom supplement) as outlined in Pt. Heal Thyself (times ½)
Artemisinin at the rate of 500mg am and 500mg pm, or:
Adjust to your needs; READ the literature! We believe that this was the pivotal part of our cure. We used a product manufactured by Nutricology in Hayward, CA, probably are others as well.
Chelated minerals with Aloe Vera
Probiotics are a MUST
Flax seed oil, Cod liver Oil
Taheebo tea, pure Noni powder (NOT juice, it is worthless after pasteurization!),
Digestive enzymes
MSM, and Olive Leaf Extract
Antioxidants when necessary
Cilantro (read about it in the Wellness Directory)
Find a meal supplement like Living Fuel Rx and use it at least once a day to insure that you are getting a balanced dietary intake every day!
This is actually great stuff to diet on! No calories and everything a body needs in just 2 scoops! Not all supplements can replace an entire meal, be careful and read label’s first.
Drink loads of water and treat it to alkalize it with electrolyte drops or purchase it already electrolyzed and structured.

Also take calcium supplements like ‘UltimateCal’ or ‘Coralyte’ where you can assimilate at least 60+% or more of the calcium available. Some supplements are junk, read the label!

Be prepared to surf the internet for hours looking for information, it is there. Below are a few of the best sites we located, there are many others.

www.mnwelldir.org  for the International Wellness Directory
www.cancertutor.com  for loads of cancer info. Read articles 1-5 and about ionized water!
www.drinkvivo.com  for VIVO information
www.healthfree.com  for cleanse programs
www.wellnessfilter.com  for water
www.hidden-cancer-cures.com  For pH information and other ideas
www.accumeasurefitness.com  For Diet & Exercise
www.tldp.com  For many archived articles on everything under the sun
http://www.excell.net/~jaguar/whattodo.html  For Alt. Cancer Treatment Ideas

Nutritional Solutions by Jeanne M. Wallace Re: antioxidants & chemotherapy
Christine’s Cleanse Corner for Garden of Life products at discount and other de-tox info
Sherrlyn Christmas-John @ 916.489.8929 for Living Fuel Rx at discount
Your local fruit stand for fresh fruits and veggies!

Read: Patient Heal Thyself
The Healing Foods
The Cleanse Cookbook; Cleanse Resource Guide for the New Millennium
Prescription for Nutritional Healing
All 90 pages or so of the Wellness Directory
Alkalize or Die by Baroody
Read, Read, and then Read some More~!

Take charge of your life and look beyond your MD for answers! Get pro-active instead of re-active in healing yourself and you will be successful, we have been so far! Once you have read a book or two and the Wellness Directory the above will begin to make perfect sense to you and you will easily understand the items I have outlined above. As you download and print the internet information, put it all in a 3-ring binder for easy reference. Make smoothies with all the berries and powdered supplements your reading comes across. Don’t go completely crazy purchasing all the supplements purporting to cure cancer. Be selective and read thoroughly about each one. There are many alternatives to choose from. Good Luck and Great Health to all of you. Please feel free to call and ask any questions or request guidance. We will offer our experiences to you anytime. 831.625.4280

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