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Susan's Success Story
She followed her intuition to a healthy life and is cancer clear for five full years.

Type of breast cancer: Invasive lobular carcinoma, Stage I, tumor size 2.0 centimeters

Initial Treatment: Surgery: Lumpectomy with Sentinel node biopsy

Post Surgery: 28 sessions of radiation treatments; no Tamoxifen since my tumor was hormone receptor negative and refused chemotherapy but opted for the natural therapy.

After my radiation, my oncologist insisted that I do chemotherapy as it will increase my survival chances.  I almost did but as the schedule for my drug treatment got near, my intuition kept me awake at night nagging me not to go through with it.  The answer came very clear to me when a fellow stage 1 breast cancer that had gone through surgery, radiation and chemotherapy developed a recurrence in the liver just a year after she completed the chemotherapy.  I said to myself, “chemo is not the answer!” I made me very scared and not knowing what to do; I started researching on other breast cancer treatment options.  I encountered the world of natural therapies starting with detoxifying my system from the toxic wastes of my radiation treatment. This went on for 2 months.  I was on a “raw food detox” eating nothing but raw vegetables and fresh fruits (which was in very controlled amounts) and nuts for my protein sources.  I lost weight but I noticed that my sallow, mottled skin was starting to clear and glow.  I knew then, something good was happening.  My body (not drugs) was going to help me battle my cancer. 

I am now living on a diet composing of mixed cooked and raw foods, with proteins coming mainly from deep sea fish, nuts and seeds.  I adhered to the no sugar, no saturated fat diet; I exercise thrice a week (yoga and brisk walking) and most important of all…..I look nicer and am alive!!!

(By the way, my fellow breast cancer patient with liver recurrence who did chemo and had not change her lifestyle passed away 2 years ago. Ignorance can really kill us).

Words of Wisdom: Take someone with you to all your initial visits with your medical team so that you have help remembering everything and do not leave any matter unturned including the ANTI-CANCER DIET ISSUE. Moat oncologists do not know much about nutrition.  A lot of them get cancers they cannot control themselves

With so much going on it's very easy to forget to ask questions to your doctor and simply accept what they recommend.  DON’T! Talk about your illness, treatments, read, read and read…talk to a health/nutritionally oriented medical practitioner and not be a sitting duck. You’ll find yourself being able to cope with everything much better because you will realize that you are truly in control of your survival from this dreadful disease.

Susan Villaroman, co-Founder
Petals of Hope Cancer Support Group/Philippines


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