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Tom's Story

Tom was misdiagnosed in October of 1999. Some sort of lung problem, they thought, and he returned to his doctor around Thanksgiving still complaining of chest pains and hard breathing. It was then that he was told he might have a tumor in his left lung, but he was also told that it might be scar tissue from a previous bout with pneumonia. He was to continue taking his prescribed meds and to have it checked out further. At Christmas time he went in for x-rays and yes, there was a mass in his left lung. They were 99% sure it was cancer, only by this time, it had wrapped itself around his aorta and heart. He was also told that there was nothing that could be done for him, that he should go home for he had only a few weeks left to live.

Tom went home. He and his family cried together for three days. Tom had seen his grandmother die of breast cancer in 1994 and watched his father die of colon cancer in 1996. His father did chemo, surgery, radiation, everything, but nothing had helped.

Tom then began an internet search. He looked for anything that could give him some extra time or a little hope but found nothing. On the Friday following Christmas, he got a call from his mother who had stopped into a health food store. She said she had found a book for him. It was on Inositol with IP-6. The book had been out less than a year, and was filled with questions and answers about this new phytochemical and the research conducted on it.

When Tom began reading the book, he couldn't put it down. He had found his new hope. Enzymatic Therapy creates this product, called Cell Forté with IP-6; the bottle recommends 2 capsules, twice a day on an empty stomach. Tom began taking 8 capsules twice daily, at least two hours after eating or 30 minutes before eating. He went out and found a new doctor and a new hospital. His new doctor spent most of January arranging tests that eventually showed that Tom was stage-4 small cell lung cancer with mets to bone and lymph nodes. However, the amazing thing was that his tumor in his lung had not grown since his previous cat scan a month earlier, and he was using only this product. 

It was then that his doctor recommended chemotherapy. Until then, no therapies had been recommended because there was no chance that anything would help. All his doctor knew was that Tom was going to die. However, since his tumor had stopped progressing, there was now a slim chance that chemotherapy could help to kill it. His doctor did point out that there was an 80% chance that the chemo would cripple him within a few short weeks (the proximity to his spinal column) and when Tom told him about the product he was taking, the doctor laughed and told him he was wasting his money. A few weeks later the doctor wasn't laughing. and told Tom to continue taking the "whatever-the-hell-you-call-it IP-6?" because, in all his career, he'd never seen anything like this. You see, Tom had had only two rounds of chemotherapy and suddenly the x-rays showed his lung was clear and the blood work was excellent, and the biggest surprise of all was that Tom had had no adverse side effects from the chemotherapy. No vomiting, no loss of appetite, no hair loss and most of all, not a single sign of damage to his spinal chord. 

Tom wasn't surprised. From his reading it was clear that IP-6 helped the immune system. The immune system is normally destroyed by chemotherapy in collateral damage as it, the chemo, tries to kill the cancer. This is the great paradox of chemotherapy: cancer is caused by an immune system that cannot or has not destroyed early cancer cells. A healthy body creates approximately 40 million cancer cells daily and a healthy immune system gobbles them up. However, if the immune system gets overworked (or is underfed), cancer takes off. So in this paradox, when modern medicine should be trying to rebuild the immune system to help fight the cancer, we instead attack the cancer itself and accidentally (well, not on purpose) wipe out the immune system. Afterwards we pray that the immune system will somehow return to normal to again fight off any future cancers.  

Tom's next tests came back clear. The doctor was more amazed than Tom. Tom has become an evangelist for IP-6 and tells everyone about it. He gives them some hope, and they return the favor by reporting back to him that IP-6 has helped to save a dear one's life. 


Tom went back for his 4 month checkup and discovered his bones where riddled with cancer; a known side effect from his chemotherapy. When he had talked with others online, he had told them he planned on avoiding chemotherapy; that he wanted to do this naturally. But apparently, his doctor scared him into using this new drug. Tom didn't die of his bone cancer. He died from losing hope. He was tired from fighting all the time and his heart gave out. 

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