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Beware: the "Xenoestrogens" Have Arrived
Dr. Dan Harper, MD

Sounds like something from "The Body Snatchers". A few years back, an article appeared in that scientific magazine called Newsweek. In it, a high school girl in her science fair project told how that compounds called "xenoestrogens" were being absorbed by the foods placed in plastic containers or Saran wrap, and then taken up by the body when ingested, doing major damage. These "xenoestrogens" (that’s ‘changed-female-hormones’ for all us "hicks") act like free-radicals, zapping everything they touch, then go into the liver to wreak havoc on the detoxification enzymes, then wander nonchalantly into the various tissues of the body to start over-feminizing them. Ever wonder why those 2nd graders now look like something in the Miss America pageant when we were kids? They go on to accelerate breast cancer in those who have such a tendency, and would you believe they have the audacity to fool around with a guy’s prostate. In the past, (us old-timers always start our sentences that way—"in the past", or "when I was young"), breast cancer was a disease of 60 or 70 year old women. I never heard of anyone with prostate problems until 20 years ago and now we've all got it (males, that is). I’m sure there’s no connection, right? When I was young, one in fifty developed cancer in their lifetime, now it’s one in two. (I don’t think it’s due to doctors getting smarter and finding cancer earlier).

The bad news is that xenoestrogens are not only in plastics, but its in the hormones the stockmen and farmers use to fatten up their animals for market—beef, chicken, turkey, pork…that’s why you want to harvest your own meats or get organic meats to avoid these products that fatten us up, too.

These little chemicals also do a number on the immune system in general, setting up all kinds of cancers, and a number of autoimmune disorders—fibromyalgias, chronic fatigue, thyroid problems, multiple sclerosis, prostate enlargement, and the list goes on.

So, what do we do? Boycott the new KFC? They just got here—it ain’t their fault. A letter writing campaign to Congress to shut down Saran Wrap? Naw, save your ink, the politicians can’t read anyway. They only know how to gab.

The first step is to remember you are what you eat. (Brings back memories of the Twinkie eating cop in Die Hard). It is best to shop for foods around the periphery of the grocery store, getting the fresh, raw produce. An even better approach is to order organic produce from some of the local co-op people [editor's note: some of you might not know what a co-op is, so let me explain. People who are tired of eating food filled with chemicals or food from factory farms that abuse this planet get together and form a co-operative store which is run by volunteers. They order, sell, and deal in organic foods (many in bulk), healthy supplements, hair and skin care products that are less toxic, and cleaning supplies that are less toxic. This is the power and magic of people working together for a common good], or products from Timeless Seeds or Seeds of Change. We also have local organic ranchers producing beef and pork without all the harmful toxins. I hear so many complain, "it costs more", but how much is your chemotherapy or heart by-pass or silk-lined coffin going to cost?

If your body has already suffered from the effects of these xenoestrogens, your liver needs to be detoxified to begin handling this and other poisons before it's too late. I know of two oral detoxification processes, as well as an IV method that is quicker. Once the detoxification has occurred, don’t make it worse by putting the same junk into your body that caused the poisoning in the first place. (Sounds like Proverbs, where the dog returns to its own vomit.)

Now comes one of the strangest parts of the article—progesterone. I have found that both men and women need progesterone in levels the average American isn’t getting. All you ladies have put up with me suggesting Progesterone cream for hot flashes, mood swings, depression, fibromyalgias, chronic fatigue,…ad nauseum…you name it, I suggested it. Recently, I read how that progesterone is the precursor of estrogens in females and testosterone in males, and that low levels of progesterone may lead to miscarriage in females and infertility in males. Then another article told how the human body begins to convert that progesterone into cortisol, needed to make adrenaline to deal with stress. (Stress? isn't that the theme of the newsletter that sent you here?) The readings went on to reveal how carbohydrate metabolism, thyroid production, serotonin and dopamine functions in the brain, lipid metabolism, immune functions…all depended on progesterone to function correctly. If the stress has stolen all the progesterone to make cortisol to keep you going in stressful situations, that explains some of the fatigue, depression, rise in blood sugars and fats, frequent infection, when we are near a "burn out" state. One of the things needed to deal with this stressful state is more progesterone. Fortunately, there are some good progesterone products on the market that are made from Wild Yams. The best are "micronized" and are readily absorbed through the skin when applied on the abdomen, legs, or arms. The local pharmacies carry a product called "Life-Flo", 2-Js has one called "Fem Crème", and then there's the multi-level marketing company Matol Botanical Products that you can find on the net; all have good results in most people. If one doesn’t seem to be working, try another preparation. (That’s why we have both Anusol and Preparation H, some work better for one than the other.) Anyway, back to the story. It is the imbalance of estrogen to progesterone ratio that sets up the breast cancer or uterine cancer in the women. It is this imbalance of estrogens to progesterone in the male that causes prostate problems. This imbalance contributes to heart disease and autoimmune diseases in both sexes (doesn’t want to show any favoritism—afraid of lawsuits about discrimination, I reckon.)

So, now that I’ve beat this dead horse enough…let me just caution you to rethink the foods you buy, as well as their storage and the types of containers your beverages come in. (Aluminum for Alzheimer’s and Plastic for Poison). I’m sure they sneak in other ways (a quick trip to the internet or library will reveal those), but if your liver is healthy and you have enough progesterone, you might just live to see another day.

By the way, may that day be a special one.