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Colon Cancer

Colon cancer is 100% preventable. Though some of you might balk at this statement, citing genetic evidence in rebuttal, the Linus Pauling Institute has claimed repeatedly that genetic disposition is not a death sentence, not the sole determining factor in your probability of contracting cancer. Your immune system is the determining factor.

A toxic colon overburdens your immune system.

The standard American diet is nearly devoid of enzymes and dietary fiber.

Lacking enzymes to digest our food thoroughly, our immune systems suffer. When our bodies are forced to make digestive enzymes we are not creating immune system enzymes.

Lacking dietary fiber, our colons rarely clear themselves thoroughly.

Persons with blood type A produce less acid than other blood types and often do not digest their food fully, especially eating meat, poultry, dairy, and eggs.

So here we have the picture: Our colons contain toxic matter. Our food is not digested thoroughly. Our immune systems are suppressed by the toxins, by lacking proper nutrition, and by a digestive process that is all consuming. Is it any wonder that colon cancer is nutritionally based?

Additionally, the largest category over the counter drugs purchased in America are stomach aids. We battle stomach acid as if it were an enemy to our bodies, when in reality, we need it to digest our food. Few realize that acid indigestion can be caused by too little stomach acid. Far too many colons contain a high degree under-digested food, and put a terrible strain on the system. Top

A colon that doesn’t cleanse itself of toxic fecal matter is in trouble.

Did you know that people with chronic constipation have a nearly 80% greater chance of colorectal cancer than those who have regular bowel movements?

The secret to avoiding colorectal cancer is diet: a diet high in fiber and rich in raw, organic foods. In other words, a clean colon is a healthy colon and your body has the additional benefit of an immune system that is not overburdened and can fight other battles at other sites.

Though it is best to get one's vitamins from healthy diet, a recent study did show that women taking the RDA of Folic Acid and Vitamin B6 had a 70% less likely chance of colon cancer.

So, the first step in battling (and preventing) colon cancer (whether in polyp form or in advanced stages) is cleansing the colon. Therefore, read and follow the instructions in Cleaning House. Do the colon cleanse, then the liver cleanse, then the blood cleanse and continual cleansing and flushing through proper nutrition and liquids. Top

Increase your dietary fiber through whole grains and whole foods (fruits and vegetables). For still more insurance, make sure everything is organically grown. Top

So what if you do have colorectal cancer? Is there a second step after a complete colon cleanse other than surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy? You bet there is.

In China, the next step is fasting. Cancer patients in China will fast for up to four weeks, depending on the strength of the cancer patient. Personally, I've met a man who (after detoxing) fasted (on raw, organic juices) for a period of 30 days, and at the end of this period, he passed a tumor weighing nearly a pound.

Juice fasting is wonderful for the colon, and for the entire digestion system as a whole, because it gives the digestive system a vacation, while nearly acting as a blood transfusion, forcing vitamins and minerals into the blood stream within fifteen minutes of their consumption. During a fast (and to help detox, coffee enemas are often recommended. The coffee enema is described in Cleaning House.) Top

Dr Brush, JFK's personal physician, modified the ESSIAC formula and healed his colon cancer with it. His version of this formula can be purchased today in health food stores under the name Flor-Essence. Top

There are hundreds of studies on Aloe Vera and the colon. Unless you are a blood type O (according to Dr Peter J D'Adamo in his book Eat Right 4 Your Type; you are free to agree with him or not, for it is just a theory, see Digestion Part I), there is nothing better for your colon than pure, cold processed Aloe Vera juice. In an article by Dr Bruce Eric Hedendal, D.C., Ph.D., he states that, "Aloe promoted a more favorable balance of gastrointestinal symbiotic bacteria and decreased yeast populations. All subjects who had indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, and gastritis reported symptomatic relief after this short, seven-day research study," and that, "Urinary indican values decreased, indicating lowered bowel bacterial conversion of tryptophan and possible improved protein digestion and absorption, as well as reduced bowel putrefaction. This change, by itself, could help prevent colon cancer."

I recently talked to a man who visited his proctologist every six months to have a colonoscopy done, and since they always found colon polyps, he had them removed at this time also. He started a regimen of 8 oz of Simply Natural's AloeMin (Aloe Vera and Liquid Minerals) and the next trip to his proctologist was his best: not a single polyp. You can reach Simply Natural on the web or, if you want to help out our web site, click on the menu choice Products at the left for further information and ordering instructions. Remember, we researched and tested Aloe Drinks for over six years before finding this particular brand. It is the best in the industry. The best. Top

In an interview with Dr Richard Schulze, he tells of a man who came to him filled with colon polyps and full blown colon cancer. He was told by his doctors he would die if he didn't undergo surgery immediately to remove 12 inches of colon. He opted to go under the care of Dr Schulze. The patient did the colon cleanse and added 7-8 large cloves of garlic to his diet. When he returned to the doctors, they implied that his delay had probably sealed his fate, and early death. On inspection of his colon, the doctors discovered all of his polyps gone and his tumor dried and shriveled, and fell from the lining of his colon when they merely scraped it. Top

Colon cancer is 100% preventable.


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