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Periodontal Disease
From our book Bypassing Bypass, published in 2002

One of the infections associated with cardiovascular disease is Periodontal Disease.

Like most diseases, this is best caught early or prevented altogether. However, if you have it, then you need to take some measures to keep infection to a minimum.

Children get cavities, adults get periodontal disease.

Many dentists want you to come in regularly for cleanings and treatment and they have a host of therapies to try on you, but again, what you do at home is the most important.

First off, for supplementation, CoQ10 has a good history with this disease, not to mention any of the anti-inflammatories we’ve discussed previously.

Secondly, the brush you will want to use is the Sonicare®. It is the only brush that can reach into pockets where plaque can build up. Actually, it’s the “sound” that reaches, not the bristles, and if you're brushing with an anti-bacterial substance, the Sonicare® will get it into the pockets.

You might want to check out OraWellness. They have some great ideas and a great alternative to toothpaste.

Personally, I’ve tossed out all my toothpaste. I brush with the OraWellness essential oils, once in a while with Oil of Wild Oregano (burns but cleans) and I mix baking soda and diatomaceous earth 50:50. This routine is an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

Additionally, I use a Waterpik® once a day.

There is Chlorhexidine Gluconate Oral Rinse, an antibacterial mouthwash that is prescribed by your dentist (and has a few different names). This stuff is potent and should be swished around in your mouth for at least a minute before spitting. Brushing with a mouthful of it (using the Sonicare®) helps get it down into your pockets.

Now, the one thing that has consistently shown good results, if used daily, is a Waterpik® with warm water and a capful of Listerine®. Listerine® does, as it says in the commercial, kill germs. If you use your Waterpik® daily with this solution, your periodontal disease will be kept at bay and you’ll keep your inflammations to a minimum. This can keep your pockets from expanding. However you must get the force of the solution down into your pockets and you must do this daily.

Additionally, since you are putting Listerine® into your Waterpik®, when you are done, rinse out the "tub" with warm water, and then run the warm water through the Waterpik®. This will keep it working for years rather than freezing up before a year is over.

It is important to see your hygienist every three months for checkups and cleaning. Use the Waterpik® daily with either Listerine® or the C G Oral Rinse (most mouthwashes are worthless).

Hot Spots and Inflamed Gums

Once in a while, food/bacteria get into a pocket and cleaning it with a Waterpik® won't fix the problem. What you need is a periodontal irrigation system. OraWellness has one that they call a Pocket Applicator, and it's $10.00 plus shipping. If it breaks, it's $10.00 plus shipping.

I used to get a syringe and periodontal irrigating needles from my dentist at the VA, but the the VA, for some unknown reason (probably cost cutting) no longer has them. I now buy them from a local dentist. I've stocked up on them and if you need one, I can ship them too you.

Note: If you are the only person using this, you don't have to discard it. I have some that are three years old, and since we're using an anti-bacterial solution (either the Chlorhexidine Gluconate or Hydrogen Peroxide), no need to worry about germs. Just keep it in a clean plastic container.

You can bend the needle to some degree to get it into your pocket, do NOT force, and when you squeeze the syringe, do it slowly. You're just irrigating, not trying to "flush" anything out.

I can get these to you if you want; here are two options:

Irrigator + 3 Needles (Free Shipping)

Irrigator + 6 Needles (Free Shipping)


And finally there is Oil Pulling. Dr Bruce Fife has written a great piece on Oil Pulling.


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