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Rainforest Bio-Energetics

If the herbs from the Amazon rainforest did nothing for you, I’d still purchase them. This is because the Amazon Herb Company has put the people in the rainforest to work and pays them a very decent wage. Also, if we harvest the rainforest, there is no reason to tear them down. Only an insane person would cut down, tear up, and destroy an area that can be harvested and harvested and profited from year after year. To top this off, 10% of the profits go to other programs supporting the survival of the rainforests.

Companies like the Amazon Herb Company are guaranteeing the rainforests will be around for your grandchildren’s grandchildren.

Now, for those of you who do not know this, 60% of all medicines come from herbs. They are either herbal formulas that have been mixed, modified, or the "active ingredient" has been drawn out and either used as is or later synthesized (the form that pharmaceutical companies can profit most by).

This might be a surprise: 40% of those herbs come from the rainforest. Here is something that won’t surprise too many of you: no pharmaceutical company has ever started a movement to save the rainforest.

The Amazon Herb Company wants to save the rainforest. For this alone we should support their efforts. Without the rainforests we will not survive very long. We need oxygen to breathe. The rainforests supply a good amount of our oxygen.

The company was started by a fellow known as Amazon John. Amazon John was a modern day Indiana Jones who ventured deep into the rainforests seeking treasure. However, along the way, he got sick. He got deathly sick, and the people of the forest nursed him back to health. In fact, his health was better than it had ever been before he was even sick (how many can say this after leaving a hospital?).

He realized that he had finally found his treasure. He realized that the treasures of the Amazon rainforest were the healing herbs. He’d found his treasure.

The natives hardly ever work with outsiders. The history of the rainforest and South America (and Mexico for that matter) is consistently the same: outsiders come in, oppress the people, steal their treasures, and leave. Amazon John convinced the people that he wanted to work with them rather than exploit them.

The company is like a multilevel marketing company, but not like a multilevel marketing company. You have to visit their web site to understand this. Once you make a purchase, you are suddenly a member and you will get an ID number and a newsletter and pamphlets, etc. sent to you. Then, if you make a modest purchase monthly, the people you send to make purchases will make you money, either ten or 50% of their purchase, depending on the size of your monthly purchase. Everybody wins.

Personally we would love to support their efforts and earn some advertising money, but we haven’t been able to work it out without blowing our conflict of interest policy. For one thing, if we were earning money by making sales, we would not be allowed by the FCC or FDA to tell you the truth. So for now, we’ll just send you there and you can see what they have, while we here can tell you what their herbal formulas do.

For example, we can tell you that Graviola is 10 thousand times more potent a chemotherapy than Adriamycin. But if we sold it, we could not tell you this. The Amazon Herb Company sells Gravizon, which is their Graviola mixture. They cannot tell you that it is a potent chemotherapy with no side effects. But we can.

In fact, we spoke with Amazon John asking him why he doesn’t sell the ABM mushroom (my personal favorite), and he said that they are about to come out with a package (a combination) of products that will be more effective against cancer than the ABM mushroom. Now this is something I have to see. I’ve seen the research on the ABM mushroom and if they’ve got something even better we’ll be one of the sites promoting it.

The folks at Amazon Herb Company sent me some of their Shipibo Treasure Tea. It is a cleansing tea that boosts immune function and supports anti-fungal activity in the body. It raises your energy levels (without caffeine). It is naturally sweetened with Stevia. It was delicious and I even made some for my animals.

They also sent me some Recovazon, because I’d just recently been kicked by my horse and was in terrible pain. Within a half-hour of taking the Recovazon, much of my pain was gone. It’s a natural anti-inflammatory. There are many stories of people using Recovazon following injuries in sports.

Speaking of sports, the dogs that pulled the winning sled in the Iditarod (a grueling 1000 mile sled dog race) used the herbal formulas from the Amazon Herb Company. The team did not lose one dog and were the first to finish the race together in over 10 years. They used the Amazon Warrior Peak Performance Herbs.

Martial artists, Olympians, extreme athletes, everyone seems to be trying these amazing herbal products. As the company grows, expect more naturopaths and medical doctors to come forward with praise for these herbal formulas. And always remember that herbs are food. Let your food be your medicine.

For more information, you can visit their web site (, or you can call Marilyn at 800.536.0909.

Oh, by the way, my home will never be without our Amazon Herbs; they are just too good.

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