Meet Angel Sarkela and Andrew Saur
The Coffee Artists
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violin.jpg (57068 bytes)Angel Sarkela and Andrew Saur were sitting in Beaner's (a coffee shop in Duluth,singer.jpg (78178 bytes) MN) one day last summer (2001), sipping on their coffee. Then an idea came to them. "Wouldn't it be fun to make some art out of coffee?" So their work began and they had their first art exhibit at Beaner's Central in the spring of 2002. It was a unique show, with only one medium used: coffee. "Since our show was going to take place at a coffee house, we thought it would be a perfect setting for our medium."

yoda.jpg (49158 bytes)Since then, Angel and Andrew have had another with rave reviews,capn.jpg (57779 bytes) especially from the buyers. Angel and Andrew make "affordable" art. Each piece costs the same, $40.00. Their subjects range from nature and birds to rock artists to Star Trek characters. 

artist1.jpg (50668 bytes)Angela Sarkela (self portrait), 25, Lifelong artist currently employed at Cirrus Design as an Inquiry Administrator. When not working, she likes to make art, play her guitar, sing, and relax at her cabin on Lake Vermillion.


artist2.jpg (91637 bytes)Andrew Saur (self portrait), 25, Artist that is currently employed at Damberg Scott Gerzina Wagner Architects as a graphic designer. He likes to paint, build things out of Lego's, and be with friends.


Both artists tell me they want to continue on in this medium and see where their careers go. If you'd like to purchase their art, or have them custom paint you something, just contact them.

Andrew Saur & Angel Sarkela
2414 Jefferson St
Duluth, MN  55812
[email protected]
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