Meet Erin Rafael
Viva La Vitality

Erin is a true eclectic healer. She also teaches and consults in the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway) which is the arrangement of one's personal environment (home, office, a single room) to attract the best energy. 

I met Erin when she brought her Quantum Xxroid Conscious Interface Biofeedback System to a friend's house. It is an amazing machine and just one more example of what a medical doctor told me over ten years ago at a seminar on the future of medicine: "Energy medicine is the medicine of the future." (Here she is pictured with her son.)

What you have is a machine attached to a computer and a program in the computer (all totaling around 12 - 15 thousand dollars). The program has in it thousands of sampled frequencies. These are sampled from drugs, herbs, allergens, you name it. Everything has an Electro Magnetic Frequency. These have been sampled and recorded. You are strapped to a machine and all of those frequencies are sent into your body, and then your body's response is read back into the machine, hence the name Biofeedback.

Depending on the readings you can learn if you're sensitive to wheat or a specific allergen or if you've come in contact with pesticides. This last one is the one that always gets me; consistently I get a reading high in pesticides even though I eat only organic foods. This can be for a good number of reasons, the main one being that pesticides reside in the body a long, long time. Next, I live in a farming community. They spray and I breathe.

Using the machine was a real eye opener. And working with Erin was a lot of fun. She's a budding nutritionist, travels around the US attending seminars on Orthomolecular and Functional medicine, and still has time to raise a family in St Cloud, Minnesota. 

She also sells the Chi machines and the Far Infra Red Tent. If you would like to reach Erin, her email address is [email protected] or you can call her at 320.259.5870.

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