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Alchemy VII

FireHawk Productions is a unique entertainment company that works with the intention of your event. Serving the metaphysical, Earth spirit, and culturally creative communities. They view their artists as ambassadors of change, forging a musical bridge from old world thinking into the light of a golden age, promoting peace, healing, and global and environmental awareness.

FireHawk Productions creates events or helps you with your event, matching the right artists to the goals and intentions of the events with original music and rituals or ceremonies. 

If you want to hear a sample CD featuring some of the artists available for your live events, contact Gina Citoli at 651.,329.8418 or visit their web site at or you can write them at: [email protected]

Alchemy VII is an Earth Rock group that touches the soul of the planet. The lead singer, Gina Citoli, has a powerful voice very reminiscent of Grace Slick. 

It is really hard to pin down or label their music, as many seem to claim them as their own. They have no religious affiliations, but their music is spiritually uplifting and shares a common love of all people for all things living in this universe. 

Most music received by us for a review is designed for mediation or massage or yoga, but the music of Alchemy VII is made to rock the house. 

Their music is truly international and inspiring. On the MP3 charts they've had two number one hits. They appear all around the Twin Cities and are currently touring the US while working on their third CD. 

If you would like to sample their music, go here: 

From there you can also purchase their CDs, read reviews, or contact the band. 

Recent Update from Gina: 

Alchemy VII just put a new song on Mp3. It is called Pray Peace. It is written to send Peace out to the world. Please take a listen and visualize Peace. Send Peace to the world leaders so they may find another way to resolve differences rather than with war. Send Peace  to each person on earth so we may find peace within ourselves... Send this on to a friend that needs peace in their life...
Alchemy VII

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