Meet Audrey Grossman

Peaceful Heart

Audrey is an intuitive healer. Shes bright, knowing, caring, and very, very intuitive. The moment I walked into her little office, she knew right away what I needed: a long, deep, breath.

I do not like driving in the cities. No matter where I go or what Im doing, the driving is the worst part.

So, Audrey told me to take a deep breath and hold it then let it out.

Audrey is a licensed drug & alcohol counselor, author, and speaker. She is trained in Educational Psychology & Counseling, Addiction, Grief & Bereavement, Reiki/Japanese energy medicine. Audrey's work is based on teaching principles of self-love in the process of personal transformation.

Her session was wonderful. I meditated, focused on my breath, and Audrey did what she does so well. I hardly remember her words. Though when she was finished, I felt a thousand percent better.

She gave me a list of recommended reading (only two on the list had I not already read). She also gave me a sample of her writing. It was delicious. She knows that healing takes place on many levels. Hormonal therapies and antioxidants have a cascading effect, always cascading to a higher level. Like this cascading effect, Audrey likes to get to the lowest level and start there knowing it will cascade eventually to the physical level. I truly enjoyed our time together, and afterwards I enjoyed reading through her writing.

She does workshops, and with her background in teaching at the college level and from what Ive seen of her writing, her workshops must be wonderful. 

I think the most important thing that Audrey does is she allows us to listen to our own heart and soul. So often we lose touch with what is really going on inside of us. Her work is heart centered. Her teachings are heart centered. Her focus is to bring us closer to our own voice inside, the voice inside our peaceful heart. For that, she is truly a blessed healer.

Audrey can be reached at 952.457.5928 or you may email her at [email protected].

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