Magic Motion Equine Massage
Holly Gray

Holly arrived at my little farm prepared for a good, long horse massage. She wore denim and carried a boom box. Apparently horses like the classical CD she brings with her. My Buster, well, he did seem to prefer her "taste" in music as he repeatedly tried to eat the boom box. After a short while, though, Holly took command and Buster melted under her touch. At one point he hung his head low and nearly fell asleep. As an ex-massage therapist, I realize the greatest compliment you can get is for your client to fall asleep during the massage.

I asked Holly probably the most common question asked of an Equine Masseuse: "Why in the world would you get your horse a massage in the first place?"

"Your horse is an athlete," she quickly responded. "Professional football players all get massages after a game. Why not your horse?"

She told me that the medical benefits of a massage are improved circulation, which leads to faster healing, release of toxins, improved flexibility, and that regular massages are also a great preventative for muscle strains or serious injuries. She went on to say, "A horse who has a sour attitude, gets upset when saddling, or refuses lead changes all would benefit from massage. Massage is also very beneficial to an aging horse."

"I also do a little Reiki while massaging them," she added. "Horses love the attention; a good massage is a treat; and if done right the effects last for days."

The entire massage lasted about an hour. Buster liked most of it, but his short attention span (being young) interrupted that last few minutes. Holly showed me some techniques to try on him and yes, he still likes them.

We enjoyed our time together, Holly, myself, and Buster in the wind and sun. Buster liked her so much he followed her back to her car.

Holly Gray lives in Lindstrom, Minnesota and can be reached by calling 651.271.4166. Oh yes, and she does Reiki on humans as well, though you probably won’t get her to pull on your tail.

Buster just loved his massage.

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