Nancy Lindgren
Complementary Healing Arts

Having already interviewed one Medical Intuitive, my interests were really piqued when I learned that we had one in our own Minnesota community. However, in the directory, we make a little distinction (that some don’t). We will list a person under the category Medical Intuitive if the person holds an MD (from any state, country, or planet) and all others who "could" fall under this category we will list under Intuitive Healer. So, for our purposes, we will call Nancy an Intuitive Healer.

Another distinction we must make here, is that not all Intuitive Healers can "peer" into your body and see tissues, cells, muscles, organs and the like. We could, I suppose, create separate headings and possibly confuse the issue even more. Instead, I think, we’ll leave it up to the person listed to either tell you what they do either in their actual listing or when you contact them.

With this out of the way, I can tell you all about Nancy Lindgren. She, like many I’ve met on this journey, is a "wounded healer." I discovered during the research for our second edition that the word Shaman translates, literally, to wounded healer.

Nancy realized early on in her life that she had something that others did not share. This sort of realization can be difficult for a young lady entering her teenage years, since acceptance is a top priority during this period. So, like many with "the gift," Nancy drowned it and her senses till, as she related with a smile, she had to begin recovery. Having gotten clear, the gift was back, but this time it thrived in the body/mind/spirit of an adult. She soon realized her mission and has not veered from it since. She began her studies in the mid eighties and has studied with some of the best in the business. She too feels that healing must be done on a spiritual level since it is in the spirit where all dis-ease begins.

Our session went very well. I lay back on her soft table and she began "scanning" me. I quickly left the room (in a way). I saw a meadow with a few shrubs and two rabbits running through the grass from the left to right…and drifted away. I recall her touching my legs and perhaps praying over me. I’m not really sure, but I awoke very clear and feeling revitalized. As I hopped off the table, again I felt the heaviness I’d felt after Mary St Michael’s session. I mentioned this and Nancy nodded her head saying, "Yes, I grounded you again." Let’s face it, running all over town and dodging traffic can bring one out of one’s body.

She told me she hadn’t seen anything really wrong and that I’d been quite open to having a lot of negative energy released—which I am, always; it just makes sense.

I asked specifically about my right lung, since a spot had been found on an x-ray a while back—and I refused the invasive and highly "charged" modern medical procedures to specifically determine what it was. Personally, I feel it’s wiser to take care of something vague with non-toxic therapies than make it worse and then have to fight both the problem and the intervention.

She quickly nodded: "Yes…there was something there. Confused cells, but … it was quite obvious…they were healing. You’re doing exactly what you need to do." This is comforting: in this life I have not always done what needed to be done. No one needs to smoke, but since I was born with this "smoking addiction" (my mother smoked through her pregnancy) and I had smoked heavily from my days in Vietnam to the nineties, yes, I’m a bit worried about my lungs. So, now at least, I am doing what I need to do. It was good to hear this from a healer, because the really good ones do not hold back. If you are screwing up your body (mind or spirit) they will tell you.

Nancy, like the wonderful healer she is, gave me a meditation to perform at home. She said I needed more gold in my "body" and during my meditation to picture a flood of gold coming from above and washing through my body. She also recommended, as previously recommended, a grounding exercise. Let’s face it, it’s not hard to get out of our bodies and live in our minds. Sometimes we just have to be aware of this and the awareness will bring us back.

Nancy’s office is at Lyndale and Lake in Minneapolis. Her rates are reasonable. She’s an interesting and gifted healer, and very well liked and respected by many in our community. It was an honor to meet her and an honor to introduce you all to her. Her phone number is 612.868.2160 and her email address is [email protected]

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