Meet Lois Sjogren
Minnesota Myotherapy And Fitness

Lois is the kind of person you just want to sit next to and bathe in her aura. She is so full of light and energy that it all just overflows.

Myotherapy is a form of bodywork that is recommended for getting your body back to its peak performance, and for pain. Chronic pain, acute pain, or just plain pain. To attend a myotherapist, you must have a referral from a physician, dentist, or chiropractor.

Lois loves to travel and learn and is always current on what is happening in the field.

When I scheduled my appointment with Lois, there was nothing wrong with me. When I arrived, Id just been kicked a few days earlier, by my horse and I was in extreme pain. She was careful around the site of the kicks (both hooves) but was aggressive with the rest of me, which my body appreciated dearly.

Myotherapists will always send you home with exercises. You dont want to lose the effects of the therapy, so do your exercises daily.

My session was wonderful. Yes, it can get deep and painful but Lois was very attuned to me and the moment I flinched she let up. She warned me that in Myotherapy things seem to get worse before they get better, which was exactly what happened. The next morning when I awoke, I felt as if Id been beat up the day before. However, by noon, I was feeling a lot better and called and thanked her.

Lois was just a delight to talk to and be with and just be around. If you need her services, just give her a call.

Minnesota Myotherapy & Fitness
Golden Valley, MN

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