Mary St Michael & Company

Meeting Mary St Michael of St Michael & Company was a trip.

We first met on the phone while I was in Duluth looking for more names to list in the Wellness Directory of Minnesota. She sounded interesting, and so I asked if she’d like to be interviewed and sampled for the next publication. Her first response was, "Why me? I’m nobody."

Well, for one thing, she was humble. This is something to look for in a healer. One of the greatest healers to walk this planet, Yoshua Ha’Notzri, told people that it was not he who did the healing, but the Creator working through him. He also told people that even the lowest among us could do what he did and more.

For being "nobody," it sure was hard to set an appointment. She’s got a pretty full schedule and is usually booked up 2 weeks in advanced (though she keeps a cancellation list and she might be able to fit you in).

When we first met I was greeted by a very authentic smile that made me feel right at home. We chatted for the longest time, most of which you will never hear about, but she did tell me how she got into this work. She’d been working for a non-profit group as a legal advocate when she was diagnosed with "massive" Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She was told she’d never work again. You really don’t want to use the word "never" around Mary. She doesn’t take well to being told such things.

Right after her diagnosis, she set off on her journey, her healing journey. She loves to travel and learn and like most good students, she teaches. Let’s face it, I’ve never met a teacher who didn’t learn more as a teacher than as a student. Her repertoire of healing modalities is varied and extensive. Her knowledge is vast. Her professionalism is superb. I felt right away that I was in the presence of a master (or someone very, very close to that).

When it was time to "sample" her work (the best part of this job, ever), she asked what I’d like. Since she’d mentioned a "grounding" technique, this rang a bell inside. As a researcher and writer and publisher, etc., etc., I spend a lot of time thinking. Thinking can lift one out of one's body and into the mind. Most people on this planet live their entire lives in their minds: regretting the past and worrying about the future. Only when we are "in our bodies" can we enjoy the present. And let’s face it, happiness is only in the present, or not at all.

So, I hopped on the table and quickly went into an altered state (sleep IS an altered state). I felt her touch me a few times, felt her words, her affirmations. I remember her telling me earlier that her energy work worked with the highest energy on our bodies, which, to many, translates to spirit or soul.

I remember her telling me to become aware and when I was ready I could sit up. I eventually did. I stepped onto the floor and my feet hit hard. I tried to pick up my leg and it was heavy. I was nearly glued to the ground. I looked up at her and seeing my look she asked, "What do you feel?" I said, "I feel a hundred pounds heavier." She laughed and said, "Welcome back to your body: your home away from home."

Now, like most of the really good healers I’ve been honored to meet in my work she gave me homework. She told me how to reattach and reground myself whenever I needed it. I now incorporate this into my daily qigong exercises and once the book is finished and selling, I shall create a video at the web site teaching this technique.

Mary’s rates are very reasonable and a visit is well worth a trip up from the Twin Cities, or from Miami Beach for that matter. You’ll have to call ahead. Her average appointment is usually from a half hour to an hour or two, but if you need more, she’ll gladly arrange for that. We rarely "recommend" anyone (or anything) here at the International Wellness Directory since, in a way, we’re suddenly responsible for YOUR experience, but I do recommend her, personally, because I will be seeing her again. I want to see what her "advanced" work can do…since this simple introduction was so powerful and positive.

Mary can be reached by calling 218.727.4050.

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