Rose Schwab
Angelic Inspirations, Inc.

Rose is one of those gentlepersons whose life stands as a testament to the miraculous. Her life has been filled with miracles; miracles and love.

At the age of six, she and her sister survived a near drowning in a swift river. It is an amazing story that both parties will gladly relate to you; a wondrous story filled with light, love, and angels. Yes, they were pulled from the rushing waters by angels who told them that they both had a mission in this life.

Rose and her sister come from a long line of people with psychic ability. Their near death experiences brought both in touch with those abilities and gave them a purpose.

Rose has worked for the FBI in helping to solve mysteries, and she has even received presidential thanks. But her life hasnít been all that easy. While working for her psychology degree, she was in an accident that damaged her spinal column. Her doctor told her that she would be in her wheelchair for life, and that the pain and suffering and paralysis would only get worse.

Today, because of her beliefs and because sheís been "told" she has much to do in this life, Rose is walking. Sheís not entirely healed. She still has pain, but she has witnessed miracles and today her job is to pass on these miracles to others and to help others heal their lives.

Our session together was interesting and fun. In the middle of normal conversation, sheíll immediately tell you the images that just came to her. If you have a question, you must be very specific. Being specific with a question allows for a specific answer.

Like most healers and channels, Rose says that she is just the medium. Her higher powers, the angels, are the ones doing most of the work.

I asked her a question thatís been going around the Internet for a while: "Why donít we ever see the headlines: Psychic Wins Lottery?"

She laughed and responded: our powers cannot be used for self-reward, self-aggrandizement, or just for selfish purposes.

She does, on the other hand, get paid well for her advice. If a person is destitute, surly she will help that person free of charge. This is her covenant with her higher powers. But if the person can afford it, that person will pay. This is simply a rule of the universe. We pay for what we get, always, in some way. Iím sure youíve all met people who were rich and stingy at the same time. Rose and many like her wonít deal with these people, until they open up and pay their "fair share." Giving is receiving. If you want to receive, then you must give.

We had fun together, Rose and I. She met my pup Misha who did some of her trix for her. She gave me a big hug and told me to keep in touch. I certainly will.


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