Carolyn Sheets
Healing Ways in Duluth

Carolyn is one of those people who will put your faith back into humanity. She is bright, joyful, giving, and knowing. Her work is heart centered and she is truly living consciously. 

Her healing career began by accident. She had been working in the Head-Start program in Madison, WI when she learned, that because of budget problems, her office would be closed for ten weeks. At a local health club she found a sign asking for people to do massage. She inquired and found out that she would watch three massages and then she was on her own. It didn't seem too difficult and she thought it would be an interesting way to spend her next ten weeks. So, with her 3 hours of "formal training" over, Carolyn jumped in and began teaching herself massage therapy.

Eventually she went on to school where she earned certification. That was all she really wanted, along with learning the proper etiquette of massage; draping, preparation, protocol, etc. Upon graduation she immediately forgot all the anatomy she'd spent hours memorizing. She focused on technique, healing, and her intuition. She felt that intuition was more important than structure. Thus, over the years she has incorporated more and more techniques and today she gives her clients a very eclectic and very healing session. 

In 1982 she went to work in the office of the first Holistic/Alternative physician in Duluth. It was during this period that she got interested in Reiki and Kofutu healing.

She was among the earliest to learn the Kofutu Healing. The moment she'd heard of Kofutu Healing, she felt she just "had" to learn it. (If you purchase the book on Kofutu, you'll see her name mentioned in the credits.) Afterwards she sponsored the Kofutu classes in Duluth. Oh yes, and Carolyn is also a third degree Reiki practitioner.

Carolyn believes in community. She is an activist, but just hasn't the time. However, she has gone so far to propose, in a local paper, that those people like her, who can't give time to causes, can give time and skills to the activists. "All of us have something to give," she told me. "We can bring them a meal, baby sit their children to give them a night out, something. We all can give them something and support their efforts." 

I want to say something like, I've never met such a positive person, but that statement just doesn't describe Carolyn. She's more than positive, she's loving and knowing. She realizes that as a society, we might have to crash hard before we realize our true nature, but "we as a whole, as healers, can help to avoid a hard crash. There is no bitterness in her tone; her consciousness has been raised to such a level that she speaks lovingly of everyone and everything. She feels that each individual deserves the right to a higher level of consciousness, a higher vibration. She feels that much of her work is to help people realize their higher purpose and this is where her healing comes in.

"Healing works on many levels. You might not feel it right away, or even next week. But things will pop up. Maybe in dreams, maybe just a flash of a moment. Maybe an issue or two will arise." After our session she told me to feel free to call her and discuss anything, if I needed. She said she is there for her clients, mainly because she's started the ball rolling, so she must be there for them when that ball picks up speed.

Meeting Carolyn was a high point in producing this directory. Meeting her and experiencing her work just makes all the hard work worth it. Her prices are very reasonable, you'll enjoy just meeting her, and you'll enjoy her work.

Healing Ways
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