Minnesota’s got a brand new school in Golden Valley called Unlimited Inspirations Center. It is a very unique center in that one can learn bodywork, breathwork, and yoga, or attend one of their many seminars, like the one entitled "Your Six Gifts to Successful Healing."

Additionally, they’ll train you to become a teacher of one of their modalities and you are invited to network with them in a unique career opportunity.

Janet (one of our volunteers) and myself met with Trent Nelson for a short interview and a tour of their new facility. He explained the many modalities of healing done there and even told us his own personal story, about his eye opening trips to the Tibet.

He explained the purpose of their breathwork, and how one can change one’s life simply by learning to breathe fully. Many people have successfully beaten back their chronic depression through breathwork.

He worked on my elbow (which was bruised by a kick from my horse) and showed me the principles of Unlimited Body ™, how the practitioner does nothing but follows the body’s own desire to heal.

Trent has a wonderful sense of humor and kept us both in stitches. We had a great time there and wish them the best of luck in this new venture. Already their classes are starting to fill up and yes, besides teaching they also perform treatments there, so call and arrange yourself a session.

Unlimited Inspirations Center
Golden Valley

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