Meet Vicki Green
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Vicki is an astrologer, healer, psychic and medical intuitive. Shes a hard worker, holding down three jobs. Shes been a long time supporter of the International Wellness Directory, and some of you might have met her while she worked the counter at Present Moment Herbs and Books.

Ive known Vicki for nearly 12 years now, but it wasnt till recently that Id ever partaken of her talents.

Shes a very sincere and warm healer. Shes very quick to get into your "aura" and feel the images that we give off. She quickly feels where healing is needed and focuses her light and energy there. If you have a question, ask. Shes up to any challenge you have.

Her talents are wide and varied. She pulled out a set of cards Ive never seen before, and the story behind every card was beautiful and deep. In fact, while she spoke of one card her eyes began to tear-up. The story of the card was very beautiful and very sad and Vicki, who is psychically sensitive, is also a very sensitive person.

A few times during my "reading" she got goose bumps when shed made a statement. She giggled and responded, "Ohhhh, affirmation!!!"

We had fun together. She made a lot of sense and I felt very relaxed after our session.

You can reach Vicki by calling 612.722.6093.

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