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Creamy Hot Chocolate/Cocoa


4 cups Organic dry coconut milk

1 cup Organic Sucanat OR
1 cup Organic Coconut Sugar

cup Organic Fair Trade Dutch Cocoa Powder
Original Himalayan Crystal Salt. or Celtic Sea Salt (powdered)


Your sugar options depend on how much you like coconut. The coconut sugar has a strong coconut flavor.

Some like this a bit sweeter and have found that an extra quarter cup of sucanat is preferred. 

You can buy a fine Celtic Sea Salt or you can buy the rough, larger form and crush it up in a mortar & pestle (like I do―see below).

In a large plastic bag, mix all your ingredients. It's best to sift the dry (powdered) coconut milk because it clumps. Additionally, I press my Dutch Cocoa Powder through a screened filter too. Sucanat can clump too, but that breaks up easily by hand.

I make Mocha Coffee in the morning, and I add just over 2/3 cup of the above mixture to a LARGE cup of coffee. I would think that this amount is perfect for a cup of hot chocolate, but write and tell me. Two thirds cup of this mixture to one cup hot water? Actually, I've never made hot cocoa alone, but I know I'd probably add a drop or two of vanilla.

Chocolate is an amazing food. It's high in antioxidants, fights depression, and helps lower your blood pressure. However, not all chocolate does this. Most chocolate candy on the market is just plain bad for you. The darker the chocolate the better. This recipe uses dark chocolate, and the milk is coconut milk which is already good for your heart. So, here you have a very healthy, and tasty recipe as long you don't destroy it with a "processed" sugar.

One final note. You will have to whisk/blend this concoction because dry/powdered coconut milk clumps. I use the Hamilton Beach Turbo-Twister.


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