First Do No Harm

Better Than Alfredo

Ingredients (as always, as organic as possible)

4 Bags Miracle Noodles Fettuccini

½ Cup Dehydrated Mushrooms (fresh are ok too)
½ - ¾ Cup Water
1 – 2 tsp
Celtic Sea Salt
1 Tbl ButterBuds

Two Types of Grated Cheeses I used Parmesan (imported) & Asiago, but there are more. Romano is also good, but check out your local deli and you’ll find some Italian hard cheeses you’ve never heard of that will work in this recipe.

1 Organic Egg
¼ Cup
Powdered Coconut Milk
½ tsp
Konjac flour

Salt, pepper (black, or cayenne, or both), basil, garlic



In a small container, break up the dehydrated mushrooms, add the water, Celtic sea salt, and ButterBuds. Shake well and let sit overnight.

The mushrooms I use are shitake and maitake. Both are very tasty and great for the immune system.

If you are using fresh mushrooms, this recipe isn’t going to be as low in calories because you’ll have to sauté them in garlic, onion, butter, and some olive oil.


Grate the cheeses. You’ll need about a cup to a cup and a half, loosely packed. I used just about a cup. But you might want it thicker.

When ready to cook, heat up the noodles very hot after draining and rinsing (and I also cut them up with a scissors (because they’re so freaking long!).

Note on Miracle Noodles: When you pour them into a strainer, you'll notice a fishy odor. Rinsing them in hot water helps remove the odor and boiling them for one more minute helps even more. Next, to get your sauce to stick to them, you must fry them for about 8 minutes stirring until all the liquid is gone. However, in this recipe, we're taking advantage of that liquid by adding powdered coconut milk to the recipe right away. If you don't have powdered coconut milk, but rather canned coconut milk, then go ahead and fry the liquid out and add the liquid (about a quarter cup) at the end to stop the cooking process.

You’ll notice that when you heat them up, they’ll sweat producing more water in the pot. When that water is hot, add the powdered coconut milk and stir in briskly. Then stir in the grated cheeses. Add your spices, salt, pepper, basil, crushed garlic, and stir. Then add the mushrooms and stir till they’re all covered in cheese. Finally, break the egg and drop that into it and stir that in. As soon as it has been evenly distributed, add the half teaspoon of Konjac flour to thicken everything on the bottom (something you get every time you cook with Miracle Noodles).

Serve warm. This will feed four as a side dish; two as a main entrée.

This is very, very low (usable) carb, filling, and delicious.




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