First Do No Harm


Eggs Benedict II


2 tablespoons water
1 tablespoons lemon juice
teaspoon turmeric
pinch salt, pinch pepper
1 egg yolk

1 Free Range, Organic eggs
1/4 avocado
4 oz wild salmon

This is a great fat burning breakfast. It kicks your fat burning metabolism in gear to burn fat all day long. The recipe is designed for just one person. Double everything for two people.

Combine and whisk the water, lemon juice, turmeric, and raw egg in a small sauce pan. Add salt and pepper.

Open the avocado and scoop out 1/4 of it in thin slices.

How to Work With an Avocado

One night out having sushi, I watched a sushi-chef make avocado slices and it was so simple and brilliant I just had to pass it on.

First you slice the avocado down the middle going around the avocado stone. Separate the halves and remove the stone.

Using a large spoon, sink the edge of the spoon into the center of the avocado meat and make a thin slice sliding the spoon outward to the skin of the avocado.

It's that simple.

With this recipe, you would arrange the slices in a circle over the salmon, and place the poached egg in the middle.

In a small pan, fry up the wild salmon anyway you like.

Next, poach your egg while the salmon is finishing up. While the egg is poaching, heat up the sauce and whip it till it starts to thicken and bubble. Your egg should be done by now.

On small plate, place the salmon, arrange the avocado slices over the salmon in a circle and pour some of the sauce over all of this. Lay the poached egg in the middle of the avocado slices and pour the rest of the sauce over the egg.

Once again, the only salt we recommend is Celtic Sea Salt because we believe that our food should be our medicine.

on first, then the avocado slices, then the poached egg and top with sauce.

If you do not have an egg poacher, there are instructions on the web on how to poach an egg in boiling water with a drop of vinegar. I've tried this and it never worked for me, so I'm not about to tell you how to do it.

In my case, I bought this particular one online: Norpro Stainless Steel 10 Inch Egg Poacher Skillet Set. I don't buy non-stick (Teflon) pans. If you spread a bit of butter inside the poaching cups, the egg will never stick to the cup.

Note: Turmeric is a very healing herb/spice. It keeps blood sugar from spiking and is also an anti-inflammatory. The problem is, using it as a spice is not the best way to absorb it, UNLESS you add a bit of pepper. Adding regular black pepper to turmeric increases its absorption 1000 times.


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