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Fajitas for Weight Loss

In the summer time we want to eat light and stay on the go. In the winter time we donít want to put on those extra pounds.

So here is a bachelor recipe (no measuring) to make delicious fajitas (as I write this, I have to admit, I donít know what the heck a fajita really is; Iíve never ordered one at a restaurant Ö but hey, letís go with it) youíll ever eat.

First you have to find a low carb wrap. This isnít as easy as it sounds. There is no such thing as an organic low carb wrap. There are some good ones, but these are all so tiny they make little tiny things and we want something that is simple, big enough to fill us up. If we have to make two or three, thatís not simple.

The wrap I found was made by La Tortilla Factory, their Smart & Delicious, Whole Wheat, Low Carb, Low Fat, Original, Larges Size Wrap (tortilla). There are 80 calories per wrap, 18g of total carbs, but 12g of dietary fiber (important because the more fiber the slower the carbs are turned to sugar and the slower blood sugar rises). There are no trans fats, but there is a bit of canola oil (which I would prefer not to be there).

You can buy in bulk (online) and store them in the freezer. To defrost, just take out one package and let it sit overnight. To heat one up, lay it across an ungreased hot pan for a few seconds on both sides.

Here are the ingredients youíll need (not all are absolutely necessary):

Lettuce (I prefer romaine)
Peppers (I prefer the red, yellow, or orange over the green peppers)
Onion & Garlic
Tomatoes (I prefer cherry tomatoes sliced in half over dicing large tomatoes)
Bok Choy (optional)
Chinese cabbage (optional)
JalapeŮos (chopped up, fresh or pickled)
Your favorite cheese (grated)
A hot sauce (I use Frankís Red Hot Sauce)
Another hot sauce (if you want it hotter, such as Daveís Insanity Sauce)
Cayenne Pepper (if you want it hotter; there are some very hot versions out there)
Black Pepper (course or fine)
Finally your choice of meat: lamb, beef, chicken, pork, venison.

Find yourself a nice size frying pan with high edges. Then youíll want to slice up the onion, no need to chop it fine. Crush the garlic or chop it/dice it.

For you gourmets, you can add a little wine to the pan before you heat it up.

Chop up all your veggies and the JalapeŮos. Pour your hot sauce into the pan just covering lightly the bottom of the pan. Sprinkle in your spices, the cumin and black pepper (add your hotter pepper sauce now or the cayenne pepper) and then add all the veggies. Stir them all up well and cook them on a medium heat right up till they start to brighten their colors. We donít want to over cook them.

Next, add the meat. We are low heat cooking and we do NOT want to overcook the meat. Except chicken and pork; you want those well cooked. The beef, lamb, venison can just be heated nicely. For these meats, the less they are cooked the healthier they are. I cook my chicken and pork separately and just toss that in with the veggies at the end to warm up.

Now, if youíve added too much liquid hot sauce (the veggies will produce a bit of liquid too while cooking) you might want to thicken of the sauce by sprinkling in some arrow root powder and then stirring well.

Lay out a warm wrap, place some lettuce on it, and sprinkle on some cheese. Spoon out the cooked ingredients over that, sprinkle a little more cheese, place some lettuce over that, wrap it up and enjoy.

The meal is way under 400 calories no matter how you pack this baby. The hot sauces, pepper, onions & garlic will keep your metabolism high and just digesting the meat will burn quite a few calories. This is easy to make, healthy, light and tasty. Youíll be out on the tennis courts or golf course in no time.

Additionally, you can add refried beans to this recipe to make burritos. Beans are a great source of protein and fiber.


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