First Do No Harm

Mashed Potato Salad Surprise
(the surprise is NO potatoes)

Ingredients (organic)

3 (or 4) heads Cauliflower
6 hard boiled eggs
cup apple cider vinegar
cup yellow mustard
2 (rounded) tablespoon
Celtic Sea Salt
1 LARGE sweet onion
cup powdered coconut milk (optional, in place of mayo)
1 red, 1 yellow, 1 green pepper
5-6 stalks celery (one cup chopped up)
paprika (optional)

First I should tell you that this recipe is so easy to make you really can't screw it up. That's why I've given you the options of 3 or 4 heads Cauliflower, etc. You could make it using just one, just shrink the amounts mustard, vinegar, salt, etc. However, don't skimp on the eggs.

You really cannot mess this one up. But it is time intensive, because you have to steam each head of cauliflower separately (most of the time because few people have a steamer that can hold more than one head), broken up into small pieces, and then blend them up in a blender. But the result is fabulous. Regular potato salad, according to the UDSA's web site, has 358 calories per cup. This recipe has right around 50 calories per cup. It's tasty, healthy, and light.

Boil the eggs for ten minutes. Break up the cauliflower (or steam them whole) and steam for 15 minutes. You want them very soft. If you have a large enough steamer, go ahead and steam as much as you can. Chop all your veggies while the eggs and cauliflower are on the stove.

Blend the cauliflower (in batches) along with the eggs and coconut milk powder. The coconut milk powder is optional. It takes the place of the mayo you're not adding.

In a large bowl, add to the blended ingredients the apple cider vinegar, mustard, and salt. NO MAYO is needed for this recipe. Just try it first. However, if you want, sure go ahead and add some of our super mayo.

If you want to keep the veggies really crisp, and you are making this salad to be served the next day, you can chop them up right before serving. Otherwise, add in the veggies and enjoy.

I've experimented with cauliflower previous to making this recipe, and yes, you can substitute cauliflower for potatoes in mashed potatoes. Just add a some coconut milk powder to absorb the extra liquid, add butter, salt and pepper, and viola, you've got low cal, healthy mashed potatoes.

This recipe is large enough to feed a huge family. However, if you are on a diet, it's the perfect thing to eat daily; it's filling, low in calories, and good for you.

About the Ingredients

The phytochemicals in cauliflower detoxify carcinogenic chemicals in your body, and stop cancer cells dead in their tracks. They are also high in fiber; you get six grams of dietary fiber per cup. The eggs, if from organic free range chickens, contain your omega-3s. Eggs are just the perfect food. Onions stimulate your immune system and increase your metabolism. Celery contains a chemical that helps fight stubborn body fat, and the peppers contain lycopene and lots of vitamin C. If you are on a diet and you need to cheat, this is the perfect food. On my day of fast, after exercising for 4 hours that day, I was starving. I had four cups of this that evening and still lost over a pound that day.


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