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Chocolate Protein Bars

Ingredients (as organic as possible)

1 Cup Whole Oats (not the quick kind)
2  Cups water
Pinch salt (Celtic Sea Salt)
Just under 1 teaspoon of
Better Stevia
bar Baker's Chocolate
Cup Chia Seeds
1 Cup (or slightly more) Goji Berries or (a mixture of berries, dried blueberries, dried raspberries, dried tart cherry bits)
3 Scoops Chocolate BioTrust Whey Protein

Cup Chopped Macadamia Nuts
Heaping 1/2 Cup Natural Peanut Butter
1 Teaspoon Pure Vanilla

Put the oats and water in a sauce pan and start to simmer for fifteen minutes. Break up the baker's chocolate and add that, stirring often. Add the pinch of salt and just under a teaspoon of Better Stevia.

When you're at ten minutes, add rest chia and stir in for two minutes. Then slowly add the rest of the ingredients mixing thoroughly.

Put a light coat of butter on a shallow pan and spread this warm mixture out evenly in the pan. Refrigerate (without a top) to harden, then cut up the bars and eat as a great, filling snack. It's very low in carbs; most of the carbs are fiber, high in protein, with some omega-3. The macadamia nuts are anti-inflammatory as are the berries (we found tart cherry bits at the co-op).

Editor's Note: I love the BioTrust Whey Protein. I've always had only the best in my home and it took me a long time to find these people. It's just the best on the market with the lowest carbs of any whey products. The only problem is these guys will fill up your mailbox everyday with "stuff," some good, some not so good. They'll send you to their friends to buy their programs. They are connected to the circuit of weight loss programs on line and you will get endless offers to save money by spending money. This is just a warning. I love their products, and we've just joined their affiliate program, but still, you need to be warned up front.


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