First Do No Harm

Ham Salad
(Award Winning Recipe)

Ingredients (as always, as organic as possible)

Sugar Free Petite Ham (raised humanely) click on the picture →

Two Cheeses:
Sharp Cheddar
Monterey Jack/Pepper Jack (my choices; but up to you)

Pickled Hot Peppers (how hot is up to you)
Macadamia Nut Mayonnaise
Juice from the Hot Peppers (or from our Taste of India Pickles)

If you have a food processor, this takes a few minutes. But, first you might have to make the mayo, and you'll have pickles and hot peppers from last summer.

This is a bachelor's recipe, so no measuring.

Toss some hot peppers into the food processor along with ham chunks and let 'er rip.

Then grate the cheese.

Add the mayo and the secret ingredient: Juice from the Peppers. OR even better still, juice from our Taste of India Pickles. The secret here is NOT TOO MUCH. Just enough to let the mixture know you're thinking about it.

If you ever go on a picnic, these Ham Salad Sandwiches will be a hit!

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