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Tomato Soup

Ingredients (as always, as organic as possible)

1 Cup Unsweetened Organic Tomato Juice
Cup Carrot (chopped)
1 Cup (rounded) Organic Diced Tomatoes
Cup Onion
1 Stalk Celery (with leaves)
tsp Erythritol (or honey)
Cup Red Bell Pepper
Butter (around a quarter teaspoon)
Salt & Pepper to taste (I used less than a teaspoon of
Celtic Sea Salt)
Instead of Tomato Juice and Canned Diced Tomatoes, use fresh. You have to slice up the ones on the bottom (near the blades) thinly. Or you'll just have to remove everything and shake it up a bit, once or twice.

I have used up to seven different types of tomatoes. This is heavenly.


You should note that because of the liquid (tomato juice), you needn't add any water to this recipe. However, you might have to stop the blending, lift the top off quickly, push down the vegies, and then shake it up so that everything gets blended.

The carrot, onion, and red bell pepper measurements are approximate. I just used a big slice of bell pepper. The carrot I chopped up, tossed into a measuring cup and eyeballed it.

The butter makes the lycopene in the tomatoes more bioavailable since lycopene is an oil soluble nutrient. However, if you are dieting, you can substitute Butter Buds.

I let the NutriBullet Rx run for about a minute then pressed the Green button for two seconds and let her rip for the full seven minutes. Because the solution was thick already, I did not have to add anything to thicken it.

A great bowl of soup in under ten minutes.

Options (always options):

Instead of celery, try some zucchini.

And you can ALWAYS use "real" tomatoes. As soon as tomatoes were available from my local farmers market, I started using them. Heirlooms, yellow, grape and cherry tomatoes. Mix and match. Just cut out the stem, cut in half and toss into your NutriBullet Rx. I'm looking forward later in the season to use some Green Striped tomatoes (they're slightly tart) and perhaps a Brandywine.

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