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Hummingbird Food


Sucanat & Acai Powder.

Sucanat is a nutritional sugar, made from pure cane juice that's been dehydrated.

Acai Berries are powerful antioxidants with many benefits. If you make smoothies, you need this on hand anyway.

Simply take your feeder mix the Sucanat and Acai about four to one, meaning four tablespoons of Sucanat to one tablespoon of Acai Powder. Add water, shake and watch the birds go crazy. I have a pretty small feeder and I'm filling it daily. The hummingbirds love it and it's just plain good for them.


Sucanat® (Molasses) Sugar, Cert. Organic, Fair Trade Certified™, 1 lb: K
One pound organic Sucanat.
Acai Berry (Euterpe oleracea) Powder 1 lb bottle: HE
Acai Powder 1 lb.




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