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The Secret to Making Perfect Mayonnaise  

First off, keep your oils refrigerated. I don't know why, but cold oils work best.

Next, get yourself a submersion blender, referred to by some web sites as a coffee frother. A coffee frother is used to make froth on your home made mochas and lattes when you don't have an espresso machine. They simply whip air into the mixture. It's the air in the mixture of oil and eggs that causes the oils to thicken when making mayo.

Here are two examples of coffee frothers.

Aerolatte Frother, Satin Finish

Aerolatte To Go, Black

Another tool, one I use, is the Hamilton Beach Turbo-Twister. Normally it comes with three accessories, one being a frother, but online I've found it only with two accessories, one being the steel whisk. The whisk works as well, perhaps better, than the frothers.

When you start to whip the oil with the eggs, within one half cup of oil used, if the concoction is still thin, then it is time to whip out your frother or your Turbo-Twister Whisk. Use the frother or whisk till you see it visibly getting thicker. This will insure your perfect mayo.


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