FDA Outlaws Food!

The headlines for this piece were up for grabs. The one we used was just one of three. The other two were: God Loses in Court and Almighty Creator Cited for Patent Infringement.

Headlines be damned! If this doesnít make you angry enough to write your congressperson nothing will.

Hereís the story: Red yeast rice is a food from the Orient. An extract of this food contains a natural form of lovastatin, which happens to be the active ingredient in Mevacor, a patented cholesterol lowering drug.

The real difference between the red yeast rice extract and the drug Mevacor is that the food source has no side effects. According to Dr Jonathan Wright, "studies show that this ancient Asian edible slashed cholesterol an average of 40 points in just 3 months . . .."

So the pharmaceutical companies took God (and everyone selling Godís food) to court for infringement upon their patent. They were summarily laughed out of the place.

Long story short, they appealed, and with everything to win and nothing to lose except billions and billions of dollars, they won and within seconds, the racketeering arm of the pharmaceutical industry, the FDA, quickly banned sales of red yeast rice extract. You can now go to jail for selling healthy foods, and God is heretofore put on notice that He must cease and desist from the creation of healthy foods for which there are already dangerous drug analogues.

The FDA has spoken.

You can read more about this, meet Dr Jonathan Wright, and order his newsletter at this site: http://www.agora-inc.com/reports/NAH/W6NHE236/ 

Eventually, in our History of Medicine series you will meet the good doctor, as he is a pioneer in nutritional medicine, and like most early American pioneers who fought off Indian raids, Dr Wright was attacked and dragged off to jail by the FDA Storm Troopers who had broken into his office with guns drawn. America. Land of the free.

To write to your congressperson, go to: http://www.webslingerz.com/jhoffman/congress-email.html 



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