Move your cursor to any section of the program, and your attribute window changes. Highlight a movie in the project and you can edit the attributes to that movie (tell the program where to go after that movie, for instance).

When you want to modify the attributes, you simply click on the area you wish to change, and this Attribute window will change.

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Here we have an example of what happens when you want to modify the attributes to a button, though in this case the button is the text Four, representing the Fourth Episode. Again, I should point out, after you've aligned your buttons, just clicking on one will move it slightly. Simply press Ctr-Z to move it back and then you can modify the attributes.

Note on the right that this Button is number 1; it is linked to Movie 1. There is no set audio stream and the Subpicture Style (this is what's going to happen when this button is chosen using a remove (or mouse on a computer) is: Fill Button Shape. The program will fill the word Four, in this case, with the color I've chosen as my sub picture. Note that the end action (when the video plays to the end) I've chosen not to return to the menu.

Here you can see the routings. When you send your DVD to Grandma to show her your trip movies, if she presses the up arrow on her remote, nothing's going to happen. However, if "Four" is highlighted with the subpicture, and she presses the right button, button number 2 is highlighted (Fifth Chapter); if she presses the left button, button number 3 is highlighted (the Sixth Chapter).

Note that this occurs because Wrap Routings is checked.

The other tabs at the top are Text (you can change the text, font, size, color, and outline) and Effects (you can add a shadow to your buttons).


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