This is your main menu screen, where you preview what you've done. I always work with the picture safe and title safe regions delineated (ever since my first DVD in which the titles went off the screen). Your choices above allow you to view your menu in a variety of ways, but this is my favorite.

The Align Objects section is great for lining up your choices. However, when you want to change the attributes to a menu choice (modify what happens after that choice plays out, or where the highlight goes when you press a the arrow on your remote, or if you have an active button, you will want to set the attributes on how long it plays, where it starts and so on), you have to click on the menu choice.

The Sixth Episode menu Text is highlighted in this picture. You'll find that after you've spent so much time aligning these buttons that the moment you touch it to highlight it, it moves. This really ticked me off till I realized that I simply had to press Ctr-Z to put it back, and then go change the attributes.

Clicking on the Title tab at the top will allow you to preview the particular movie you've highlighted. You can modify the In Point and Out Point to your video (thus cutting out the commercials).

Playing your video here is not the best way to view the video. There is so much overhead to the program that it moves very slowly. It is best to preview the entire project, because the program drops from memory while it plays for you

Notice the little camera icon on the control panel below the video. That allows you to capture a picture of frame in the preview window. This is how I captured the picture for the main menu above, by using that button. Once captured, you can use it over and over for menus. You can also capture pictures of our chapters and use those as your menu buttons for chapters in a specific video.

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