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Medical Qigong

For this past twenty-five years, the Chinese have been conducting western style medical experiments on Qigong. The results of these experiments are making their way to America as you read this.

In 1994, because western scientists, using high tech equipment, discovered the Chinese meridian system, the AMA came out and approved acupuncture as a legitimate therapy. Interestingly enough, if you were to ask an Oriental Medical Doctor how acupuncture works, he would probably have a good laugh. We Americans always want to know how something works. To the Chinese, the simple fact that it works is enough. As to its "how," they have little interest. In fact, I don't think anyone can tell you how it works. They can tell you only how to work it.

Here in the West, we seem to feel that disease begins with symptoms. Physicians will tell you that the disease process begins much earlier, at a cellular level, which is only logical. To the Chinese, disease begins with a disruption in energy flow (qi) through the meridian system. Qigong is designed to make that energy flow return to normal.

Qigong is thousands of years old and is the father of acupuncture. It is acupuncture without needles. Qigong masters are capable of some remarkable feats. Some can light fluorescent tubes with their bare hands, others can manipulate mass at a distance, while others have been able to kill cancer in laboratory experiments. Personally, as sort of a parlor trick, your author (a practitioner, but not yet a master) has demonstrated the ability to move people without touching them. Top

Scientific investigation has discovered four types of energy emitted from the hands of a Qigong master: infra-red, magnetic, electrical, and acoustical. The Infratronic CGM machine, said to be a Qigong acoustical energy emitter, came out in the early nineties and sells for around $500. Top

From Immune Perspectives, Spring, 1994, in an article entitled "Qigong And Cancer," by Dr. Feng Lida, one of China’s most famous cancer researchers, she tells of a study involving 123 patients with advanced cancer. Except for one group who practiced Qigong exercises for two hours daily, all the factors were the same: same food, same drugs, same nurses and doctors. At the end of three months, here were the results:

Experimental Group Control
Regain strength 81.7% 10%
Improved appetite 63% 10%
Free of diarrhea or irregular defecation. 33.3% 6%
Body weight increase more than 3 kg. 50.54% 13.3%
Body weight decrease more than 3 kg. 5.4% 30%
Phagocytic rate of macrophages. Increased
Decreased 7.87%

Additionally, Dr Lida states, "It has been observed that in the [experimental] group, the erythrocyte sedimentation of 23 [patients] and the hepatic [liver] function of 20 of the 93 patients returned to normal. . . . In the control group, there were only three patients with normalized erythrocyte sedimentation, and two patients with normalized hepatic function out of the 30 . . . cases." Top

Normalized erythrocyte sedimentation means that there is no sign of the inflammatory process in the body. The liver is one of the most important organs in battling cancer.

One important note about Qigong exercises, beyond the overall improvement in cancer patients performing them, is that there are no side effects whatsoever.

The experiment mentioned above involved patients performing Qigong exercises. Patients in China may also undergo Qigong therapy from a practitioner. In a booklet entitled Scientific Investigations into Chinese Qigong edited by Richard Lee [San Clemente: China Healthways Institute, 1992], we discovered some amazing results of studies involving Qigong masters performing their energy work on cancer patients.  Top

According to Richard Lee, the results of one hour of Qigong can be seen under a microscope: the fibrous coating of cancer cells dwindles and tiny holes appear. In other words, tumors began to disintegrate.

Qigong has been used successfully for hundreds of years to shrink tumors, and western style studies coming out of China show us something we in the West have a great difficulty accepting. Can a person simply pass his/her hands over another to heal them? In a world where if you can’t count it it isn’t worth noting, we now have solid evidence of something that appears to be nothing, but certainly is something. It is powerful, healing, and absolutely enigmatic, for how does the energy know to attack only the cancer cells? Why are there no side effects? Why can't everyone do it? What is it that makes an individual a healer?

We're dealing with subtle energies: Energy medicine. Many feel it is the medicine of the future. Top




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