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A friend called me about this new miraculous product: a wand that supposedly resonated at zero-point energy. He sent me to a site to listen to the sales pitch. According to the company’s spokesperson, if you have a wound, you simply wave the wand around the area and within minutes, the black and blue will start to disappear along with the pain. If you wave it in a circle around a lemon, the lemon will taste sweeter. You can read the FAQ about this here: Amega® Global FAQ

Well, I bought one. It was some outrageous price, over $300.00, but they guaranteed your money back if unsatisfied.

I immediately began testing it, using the lemons. Out of thirty people, only one felt that the lemon I’d used the wand on was sweeter than the control lemon. Nobody with any pain responded. I contacted the company for a refund, and they never got back to me. I called at least half a dozen times and left messages (never spoke to a real person) and sent them emails. They never responded, so I contacted my credit card company and put them to work on it.

At the end of thirty days, my credit card company called me to tell me that they cancelled the order and I got my money back. They also informed me that the company never once responded to their requests. They said that this is very odd; that normally a company would at least try to contact them to either fight the reversal or give instructions on how to return the product.

I have the damn wand sitting on my desk in front of me. It probably cost them less than 50 cents to stamp it out. The packaging cost more than it did to make the thing.

I’ve tested a few products (there are about six companies, at least that I’ve found on the web) that sell some sort of “zero-point energy” products. I’ve tested three and found them to be worthless. Funny, but if you tell someone what will happen, it happens. People just want things to work. So, in my testing, I never told any of the subjects what to expect and sure enough the product fails about 99% of the time.

I have no idea why the FCC hasn’t shut these people down, except that I’m sure a lot of people who buy this crap are too embarrassed to file complaints. And as always, I’m sure some people would swear they work just because they want them to work. Anyway, save your money.


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