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Review Of Aminocare® Products


Dr Burzynski heals cancer. He uses microscopic proteins found in a healthy body to do this. The cancers are healed at the genetic level. Dr Burzynski calls his therapy: antineoplastons.

He noticed that while people underwent antineoplaston therapy, that they were looking better and better. Their skin color got rosier, their immune systems began perking up, their eyes were brighter, and even hair color began coming back.

At the same time, in other studies around the world, investigators all reported that antineoplastons proved themselves to be a great preventive.

So in his spare time, Dr Burzynski set out to create a supplement that would prevent cancer.

Dr Burzynski had studied amino acids working toward his PhD. He designed his supplement based upon his knowledge of amino acids in conjunction with his antineoplastons which were also made up of amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks to proteins.

Dr Burzynski knows he can’t do everything himself. He surrounds himself with hard working, bright people. He took one, a young man I had the pleasure of interviewing, by the name of Azad, and put him in charge of his supplement company. Azad’s overall job is to help people prevent cancer and eventually put the good doctor out of business.

The product is called Aminocare® A10, and is still patent pending. It is meant to be taken before meals. One box will last 120 days. It consists of Vitamin B2 and a bunch of amino acids of which one is derived from Dr Burzynski’s antineoplastons.

Now this is not a cancer cure. There are not enough antineoplastons in this product to cure anything. The product is designed to prevent cancer.

One of the amino acids is L-arginine. This one stimulates herpes, as many of you with herpes know already. However, they’ve not yet received any complaints as the amount is small. If you have herpes, it will be smart to watch out for foods that contain high amounts of L-arginine (such as seeds and peanuts).

Beyond that, there have been very few negative reactions to Aminocare® A10, most so insignificant that people have not stopped taking it daily.

To understand how significant a supplement working at the genetic level one must first know that our genes, around age 25, start shutting down. As we age, the genes just don’t work the way they did when we were younger.

A friend once asked me why we age when genetic information passes from one cell to the new cell. If the information in the old cell is the same as the new cell, then how can we possibly age? The answer can be looked at this way: the new cell is NOT a digital copy, its closer to an analogue copy; like when you taped a tape of a tape. The more you do this, the less the resulting tape resembles the original. With age, the less information is passed on to the new cells.

If you factor in our lifestyles, what we eat and drink and breathe and how many chemicals are in our global and personal environments, these interfere with the information transfer process from old cells to new cells.

This is the importance of a supplement that works at the genetic level. It is not a fountain of youth, but it is the closest thing.

Dr Burzynski also created a cream and lotion that uses healing oils and his therapy.

The oil in his creams and lotions is Tamanu, from the Kamani tree in SE Asia, to Polynesia, along the Indian coastline, and as far north as Hawaii. It is a member of the mangosteen family. The oil comes from the nut grown on the tree.

Tamanu oil (and decoctions of the nut) have been used medicinally for centuries to help wounds heal quickly. It has also picked up quite a reputation for treating scar tissue.

Tamanu oil has had numerous clinical studies, and can be very healing when applied to wounds, cracks, chapping, burns (sunburns and chemical burns), anal fissures, and post-surgical wounds. It is anti-inflammatory and antibiotic. Many have found relief from dermatitis, skin allergies, acne, psoriasis, herpes, diabetic sores, hemorrhoids, and even hair loss.

To this wonderful oil, Dr Burzynski added his antineoplastons. He then sent his formulas to France for testing.

Here are the results in a nut shell:

The oils, already well-known, work well at the cellular level. However, the study discovered that the formula affected two important genes involved in the aging process: oncogene AKT2 and tumor suppressor gene PTEN. Formation of wrinkles occur with decreased expression in PTEN and increased “signaling” of AKT2.

The study found that Aminocare® Creams reverse wrinkles at both the cellular level and at the genetic level. This is an historical first.

At the end of 4 weeks of treatment, there was a 16% decrease in wrinkle volume, a 23% reduction in wrinkle depth, and a 21% reduction in wrinkle complexity, while untreated wrinkles showed no improvement.  

As you can guess, testimonials abound lavishing these products with praise. Many people have been using the product for over two years and have nothing but praise for the creams and lotions. One man reported that his prostate cancer went away using the Aminocare® A10 only, but do not expect this same result yourself. Dr Burzynski wants you to get proper health care for your cancers.

A final note: The profits from Aminocare® A10 go to run the Burzynski Clinic, which is not making much money while conducting FDA monitored trials because the therapy is given away free during the study.

You can order Aminocare Products through Simply the Best.

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