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Burzynski —The Movie

Really a good documentary.

I received a letter from a casual reader telling me that I’d blown my credibility when I’d written about Dr Burzynski out of Texas—that he was a quack and that the world knew he was a quack. Why would I even write about this man?

I wrote back to her that I’ve read all the web sites calling Burzynski a quack, but what they fail to mention is that his therapy passed phase II FDA trials. His “quackery” was healing breast cancer upwards of 80% of the time, and that his therapy is the only viable therapy for gliobolastoma multiforme, the most deadly of brain cancers on the planet. I told her that all this is has been verified, reluctantly, by the FDA.

I’ve met Dr Burzynski and interviewed him. His story is posted here: Burzynski.

So when I’d heard they’d made a documentary on him, you can bet I asked for a review copy.

Many documentaries are just a bore. In the past few years, documentaries have come a long way with production values increasingly improving. Documentaries like Supersize Me, and The Yes Men (and The Yes Men Save the World) are setting the bar much higher. Entertainment value is something we now expect in our documentaries. The shocking story of Aspartame® was told in the documentary Sweet Misery, however, the production value fell short.

So if you’re going to make a documentary, and you want your message to get across, you have to really spend some money to lift the production value.

In Burzynski —The Movie, they’ve spent the money. It is easy to watch6and enjoyable. Some of the big names in the world of Alternative Medicine (conventional medicine hates that term; they don’t like you thinking there’s an “alternative”) show up to talk about Burzynski’s work. You’ll recognize their names; we’ve talked about many at this site.

But what comes across in this movie is the simple fact that a man who left a communist country for the freedom of the USA in which he could test and develop his theory, ran into just as many road blocks has he had back home. Nut jobs out screaming for LIBERTY and FREEDOM are sponsored by the big money that restricted the freedom of this genius to heal cancer.

Did I say “road blocks?”

Burzynski’s trials and tribulations were Herculean. The entire force of the medical industry tried for over a decade to destroy him.

Burzynski’s work has been slandered and libeled by all the “quackpots” on the web. However, the film brings home the simple truth that this man’s theory has become a scientific reality: Antineoplastons work against the most dangerous cancers at a much higher rate than any chemotherapy thus far tested. In simple fact, Burzynski’s Antineoplastons have cured cancers that no other chemotherapy has yet to cure.

The sad part of this story, not really touched upon in the movie, is the cost of this therapy. It will take nearly forever to get your insurance plan to cover the expense. In the meanwhile, people are dying. I just lost a friend to glioblastoma multiforme who could have used Dr Burzynski’s miraculous cure.

For anyone who hears skeptics parrot: “it’s all a conspiracy theory, this implication that medicine really doesn’t want to cure cancer,” this movie, this story, is the proof that it is not a conspiracy, but simply the outgrowth of a medical system with profit as its bottom line. The ultimate goal of any monopoly is to destroy all competition in order to maintain market share. That is the goal of American medicine; its goal is not to heal the sick. That is a side-line.

It’s a good documentary about a great doctor with a fantastic therapy.

Get Burzynski — The Movie here:


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