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The Calcium Bomb
by Douglas Mulhall & Katja Hansen

This was one amazing book. This book talks about the most amazing biological discovery in the past 100 years: nanobacteria.

And every time someone proved their existence, they were attacked by the rest of the scientific community: "theyíre too small to be bacteria; they donít multiply like bacteria; they donít have enough room inside to contain enough DNA to be called bacteria."

An amazing book about an amazing process in discovery.

And what do these nanobacteria do? They grow, and die, and leave behind little calcium skeletons (not really skeletons, but I canít think of a single metaphor that works better).

They leave calcium deposits in our arteries and organs, which can lead to heart disease and cancer. Odds are, you can have them, and NEVER know it.

This is the brunt of the entire book. You really donít need to go out and buy it now. This is the whole book.

Except ...

Except, whenís the last time your doctor asked for a nanobacteria test? When was the last time your doctor even suspected your clogged arteries might be caused by these nanobacteria? Those lumps in your breasts? fibroids? calcium deposits?

Reading this book could save someoneís life.

When we published Bypassing Bypass, we informed the reader that an important test is the CRP (C-Reactive Protein) test. My doctor doesnít think this is an important test. However, if your CRP test result is positive, you have an up to 800% greater chance of a heart attack than if the test were negative.

Personally I THINK THE CRP TEST IS A VERY IMPORTANT TEST. No matter what my doctor thinks. So, I went out and paid for one.

The nanobacteria test? Thatís one important test too.

So, order this book, read up, find some place near you that will, if not do the test, at least take your blood and have it shipped to one of the places in the book where testing is done.

Thatís it. There is a drug therapy for the nanobacteria should it be discovered living in your bloodstream, but it involves antibiotics. So, donít forget your probiotics either! You donít want to fix one problem just to start another.




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