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Virgin Coconut Oil
A Book by Brian and Marianita Shilhavy 


Bruce Fife is the Wellness Directory’s resident expert on Coconut Oil, but Brian and Marianita Shilhavy are not about to take a back seat to anyone on the subject of Coconut Oil.

Brian and Marianita appear to own and run Tropical Traditions, a company that produces a brand of Coconut Oil we’ve tried in the past. They also sent their book, Virgin Coconut Oil, for my review.

Virgin Coconut Oil is a great overall introduction to the health benefits of coconut oil. They answer common questions people have about coconut oil: They debunk the myths surrounding coconut oil; they relate over 100 stories of people who’ve improved their lives using coconut oil; and they give you some pretty good recipes.

The only problem I saw with the recipes was that most could be found at any good recipe site with the butter or oils recommended switched with coconut oil. I prefer recipes that contain plenty of coconut oil and coconut products so that you can get the most benefit from each meal.

I was quite impressed with Brian and Marianita’s book. They have done their homework and they definitely focus on improving overall health using coconut products. One important issue they discuss is Candida, or systemic yeast. As we have learned in the article, The Lost History of Medicine, the first disease is systemic yeast. Yeast is a parasite. Coconut oil is parasiticidal (kills parasites). Every month I give my dogs a heaping tablespoon of coconut oil in their food: They’ve never had parasites.



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