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The End of All Disease
by R E Payne

This was the strangest book I’ve ever read. I’ve read it three times now. It’s good enough to keep your attention, but it’s just strange.

It’s the story of Royal Rife told like no other story. It’s told through Rife’s own diaries, through the recollections of those who knew him, through a report released by the Smithsonian Institute, and then the narrative turns in to a mystery; a murder mystery as years later after Rife’s offices on both sides of the continent burned down within days of each other, doctors using Rife’s machinery were threatened or paid off, and one mysteriously died, another associate of Rife is found dead a thousand miles away from where he was last seen after he’d spoken with a relative of Rife’s who has been asking “too many questions.”

Today, 70 years after Rife had found a cure for cancer (one that would have cured AIDs) many like to comfort themselves with stories that he never did what many think he did, that it was just a lot of hubbub, that no one can prove he was much of a genius.

His microscopes have all been trashed. The Smithsonian Institute has one. None work today. Rife has been called a “once in a lifetime genius.” Nobody can fix his microscopes. Some theorize that the moneyed interests don’t want anyone to fix his microscopes. We’d see things that defy the foundations of conventional medicine; that defy the germ theory itself. After viewing live viruses, bacteria, mold, fungus, and yeast, Royal Rife himself (nobody had previously seen these things and nobody since has seen many of the things he saw) concluded:

In reality, it is not the bacteria themselves that produce the disease, but we believer it is the chemical constituents of these microorganisms enacting upon the unbalanced cell metabolism of the human body that in actuality produce the disease. We also believe if the metabolism of the human body is perfectly balanced or poised, it is susceptible to no disease.

I once interviewed a journalist who had interviewed a convict in prison who claimed to be the man who broke one piece of every Rife microscope. He did not name names, but said that he was told by someone who had worked closely with Rife who told him which part to break. He said he was paid handsomely for his work with a certified check.

When you read The End of All Diseases, you will know why modern medicine does not want a microscope that can view live viruses. You will learn that we have microbes that change, mutate, become something else, and then start over. Rife described the birth of a virus once likening it to a bacterium laying an egg. No one has since seen this. The electron microscope kills what it sees. We see things frozen in time, but Rife saw them alive; he saw them change. Rife knew of the polymorphic life cycles of microorganisms. Modern medicine tells us this is bunk.

The report from the Smithsonian Institute admits that it has a hundreds of feet of motion-picture film that bear witness toe the complete life cycles of numerous organisms. I wonder where they are and why medical schools don’t know of them.

R E Payne suggests an answer to these bothersome questions when he points out that the author of that Smithsonian report had at least one attempt on his life after numerous threats. He never wrote about Rife again.

One thing I’ve said since I first began to write about medicine is that profit driven medicine has one goal: To profit. Medicine has formed an illegal monopoly and does what all monopolies do: it crushes competition to gain market share. To maintain its monopoly, medicine has the support of the AMA, the FDA, and some 800 lobbyists funded by them and the pharmaceutical interests. With more lobbyists than representatives and senators, they make the rules, not the people.

If Royal Rife could cure tuberculosis, cancer, viral pneumonia, and the common cold with a few cents of electricity (which, according to all documentation he could), Wall Street would collapse and it could take perhaps 20 years to recover. We have built an economic system in this country stays strong only by keeping people sick.

The hero of this story, a niece of Royal Rife’s by the name of Anjie, interviewed a coworker of Rife’s by the name of Dr Cleveland. Dr Cleveland told her:

Simply stated, when it became obvious from the testing we were curing animals, and the 20 physicians using our instruments were curing patients, the theory appeared legitimate, well—from that moment on, the Establishment of Medicine and Pharmaceuticals—the whole medical industry—ganged up on us and shut us down. . . . I’m saying that without Fisbein’s support, and without articles in the Journal, there wasn’t any way we could get any credibility or legitimacy. I can’t tell you why it happened, I heard different stories of why Fish did what he did, but I cannot testify to either of them.

It is no secret that fish had a lot of money. He liked money. An attorney came to us one day—your uncle was there. He tried to buy stock in our marketing company. He hinted he knew all the right people including Fishbein. We were all convinced Fish sent him, but we didn’t know and we had no way of finding out. When we asked him, he didn’t actually deny it; he only said that he could not tell us who sent him. Maybe we were paranoid. I don’t know. I do know that Fish saw himself as the most vigorous crusader against quackery of his time. Quackery was whatever he said it was.

Fishbein is the man who ruled medicine for some fifty years. He is the man who harassed Harry Hoxsey and had him arrested repeatedly. On his deathbed, Fishbein admitted that Hoxsey’s clinics were curing cancer and that he had told lies about Hoxsey and his therapy.

The mystery within the pages of The End of All Disease begins just a few short pages after the interview with Dr Cleveland when it is discovered that the good doctor has been kidnapped. Nearly everyone Anjie meets isn’t who she or he presents her/himself to be. Up is down and left is right. Like Alice, Anjie has stepped through the mirror into a world where nothing is as it once was, where nothing will ever again be as it once was.

It’s one heck of a story that you’re all going to enjoy, even though it will anger you.


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