First Do No Harm

Dying to Have Known

Just one great movie.

It starts out like no documentary you’ve ever seen. In fact, it looks more like a National Geographic special.

But then, Steve Kroschel is a master filmmaker.

Steve visited the Gerson clinic in Mexico and interviewed people who have been cured at the clinic. He then contraposes these interviews with interviews of highly respected physicians in the conventional medical community who make statements like: “they were misdiagnosed,” or “they never had cancer,” or “there has never been one documented cure from that clinic.”

The medicos tell us that they know everything there is to know about cancer, and that cancer just cannot be cured with nutrition alone.

However, the message laid out before us is that hundreds and hundreds of cancer patients who have visited the Gerson clinic walk away free of cancer using diet alone.

“They don’t keep any records,” one cancer expert says. If the Gerson method ever did cure cancer, then “everything we know about cancer would be wrong,” says another.

For us viewers, at this point in the movie, we might be thinking: Ok…perhaps that is where you should start: everything you know about cancer is wrong.

If you know of someone with cancer, send them this film. Everyone who has been touched by cancer should see this film. Nobody has to die from this dreaded disease.

Get Dying to Have Known.


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