Testimonials on the Original Himalayan Crystal Salt

I’m a senior citizen and have been using the Original Himalayan Crystal Salt for about three weeks.

In the morning I take my teaspoon of Sole (the salt solution) with a glass of pure water on an empty stomach and follow that with a second glass of water.  I’ve found it to be quite incredible.  My energy has increased tremendously.  I don’t go through those tired feelings in the afternoon anymore.  The fat is melting off my body without really any change in diet.  Those are the two main things that have happened to me.  I notice that my fingernails are growing very rapidly and I have to clip them about twice as often.  My liver spots are getting smaller and I had some other problems on my skin that have just about cleared up since I started taking the salt.  I also notice that my joints are more limber and have more range of motion than I had before.  I’m also sleeping like a log … unbelievable.  When I wake up I feel rested and full of energy.  My memory also seems to be getting better.  I can recall things that I didn’t recall before.  My body also seems to be cleaning itself because the amount of feces and urine I’m passing has increased, which is an indication to me that my body started to clean itself as soon as I went on the product.  I will never be without this salt … it’s just fantastic.

 – Hollis N., Nevada


About a month ago I started on the Original Himalayan Crystal Salt.  Up until this time, I did not salt my food at all.  I had several pounds of Celtic Seal Salt® Brand lying around that I mainly used for making a salt plus baking soda toothpaste and also used a pinch whenever I made spelt bread.  Being a health researcher and living on a strict organic food diet, I was surprised, after researching the subject, that there was so much history and fascinating stories about salt through the ages.  What attracted me to this particular salt were the bio-physical and bio-energetic interactions of salt with water as explained and pictured in the book, Water & Salt – The Essence of Life.  To my chagrin, I realized that I had overlooked this most essential foundation for good health during my many years of health studies.  

 Prior to taking the salt (Sole) in solution with water, I was experiencing leg muscle cramps in my left leg at night even though I was “well mineralized”.  After two days on the salt, those cramps have never returned.  My joints are feeling smoother and more lubricated all the time and it feels like my synovial fluids are continually being rejuvenated.  I’ve been aware of the functions of micro-clustered and “living water” for years and have kept my body well-hydrated and able to cleanse out toxins by drinking upwards of a gallon a day.  Now with the added ionic trace minerals, I’m ensuring that I will never suffer from hyponatremia (salt deficiency in the blood).  My hair and nails are growing much more rapidly and I’ve noticed “youthful” improvements in my skin.  It appears that the salt is adding

to my longevity.  Overall, I have noticed a subtle but unmistakable feeling of internal cellular balance, enhancing my mental tranquility (more endorphins?) along with my physical energy and stamina.  Lastly, I now use salt (but ONLY the OHC salt) on my organic meals without hesitation as my body seems to be “asking” for more … and the food tastes better than ever.  I guess I’m happily hooked.

 – Ken H., Nevada


My first impression of the “Sole” was that I liked drinking this “salted water”.  I must explain that all my life I have never liked the taste of salt and have avoided salty foods.  Taking the Sole, I started feeling balance, better mood, more energy and stamina.  Although I am slender, persistent cellulite has been a challenge for me since I was a teenager and nothing I tried seemed to help.  Now I am noticing my thighs and buttocks tightening up, and a lessening of the lumps and bumps.  Also, since childhood, I have had cold hands and feet and severe intolerance to cold.  For the first time in my life, I feel warm all over.  This proves to me that I am replenishing the minerals in my body and overcoming 40 years of deficiencies.  This holistic salt has definitely made a positive contribution to my health and my life.

 – Rosemary D., R.N., Nevada


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