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Review of OraWellness

I spent 4 years living in Israel, working with a project full of volunteers. One group of volunteers consisted of dentists. Israel has socialized medicine. Dental, on the other hand, is hard to find; but I was lucky as I was working with them. I went to see a dentist nearly every four months. When I returned to the US, one day I realized I’d had a toothache starting and went to visit a dentist. It was not a tooth problem, but a “pocket” problem; the pocket was inflamed (food had gotten trapped in it).

I finally got myself a regular dentist and he told me my teeth were great, but the gums had to come out. I had advanced periodontal disease.

I was in shock. How could this be since I brushed regularly and visited a dentist more often that the recommended two times a year?

One reason was the simple fact that I’d never seen a dental hygienist. The position of dental hygienist has evolved over the years. When I was a kid, there was no such thing: just a dentist and his assistant.

As far as periodontal disease goes, there used to be few options other than surgery and extraction.

Today we have options. More and more is known about periodontal disease as every year passes. For instance, when you are young, cavities are the problem; as you age, periodontal disease is the problem. And the main problem with periodontal disease is that once a pocket has established itself, no amount of brushing or flossing is going to get down into that pocket and clean out the bacteria that keep digging the pocket deeper and deeper.

This is where the OraWellness program comes in. I’ve tried everything, but for a daily, continuous program, let me tell you, nothing is better than this program.

I have been brushing and using a waterpic with Listerine. However, you have to remember that the waterpic can only get 3 maybe 4 millimeters deep. If you have advanced periodontal disease, you have pockets deeper than 4 millimeters. No amount of brushing, flossing, or using a waterpic will get at bacteria in pockets deeper than 4 millimeters.

We got from OraWellness two kits for two people to try. The kits consisted of a toothbrush (made specifically for those with periodontal disease), their brushing solutions (made from a combination of essential oils that they tested on the variety of bacteria found in the mouth), a DVD and instruction manual, and a syringe with a periodontal head that allows the user to irrigate deeply into their pockets.

We decided to test the products and their methods against methods and products prescribed by my dentist.

She, we’ll call her “Mary,” used the products as prescribed. I used my sonarcare toothbrush, waterpic once or twice a week, brushed with their brushing solution but mixed with my baking soda and diatomaceous earth combo and a dab of prescription tooth paste from my dentist. Mary irrigated with the hydrogen peroxide recipe found on the DVD, I irrigated with prescription mouthwash Chlorhexidine. We both went to see our hygienists after we ran out of the brushing solution (essential oils).

Mary reported that 4 of her pockets had shrunk (about 40% since she had 11 pockets). I had three pockets shrink, about the same since I’d had 8 pockets.

When Mary ran out of her essential oil solution, she ordered more. I did something different. I went until my next checkup using my original recipe (the baking powder mixture and prescription toothpaste) and did not order the OraWellness product. My next checkup was very telling. Right away my hygienist told me that I had a ton of plaque this time. She said it was the worst checkup since we’d started. I told her what I had done differently and she told me: Go back to that last protocol you had!

It did not take anymore evidence to convince me; the brushing solution is great stuff. In fact, when I go out, I have an extra bottle in the car I so I can just rinse my mouth out occasionally.

We really liked the OraWellness program, and I will continue to order their brushing formula. However, I would be remiss not to tell you about one more weapon against periodontal disease that my dentist has used on me with great success. It’s an antibiotic called Arestin®.

Arestin® is a powder. It is put deeply into your pockets (that are deeper than 4 millimeters). The moisture solidifies the Arestin® where it kills bacteria for about 8 or 9 months. At the end of that period, all pockets deeper than 4 millimeters get another shot of Arestin®. In my case, it took only one treatment, and I had no pockets deeper than 2 millimeters. This stuff worked miracles, and if you ask anyone, I’m no friend of antibiotics.


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