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Cancer Salves
by Dr Ingrid Naiman

Dr Ingrid Naiman’s book, Cancer Salves, is the best work I’ve ever been honored to review. The book is simply beautiful, in presentation, scholarliness, and integrity.

Dr Naiman has been awarded not one, but two honorary PhDs for her work. The book is a testament to that work.

Cancer Salves is at once, a reference book, an historical narrative, and a guide to those whose options seem limited. A cancer diagnosis is a horrible scare, for most people. One’s life is suddenly upside down and inside out, and even if the outcome is successful, life is never again the same.

Conventional therapies are injurious. I have met only one person who has successfully beaten cancer using these therapies who is not scarred for life, in some respects.

Dr Naiman’s prose is precious. She is a delight to read. And though I try not to look at what others have said of a book or author before writing my own review, Ralph Moss points out that most writing on unconventional therapies is usually partisan (I know mine is) but that “Dr Naiman’s approach is temperate, scholarly, and wise.”  This is something I found on every page. She’s treated many cancer patients in her career, some who’ve not made it, many who came to her after being beat up by the conventional system, and many who came to her too late. Yet her writing has such a light, nonjudgmental quality about it, I can only picture the good doctor in my mind’s eye as already having earned her wings.

Dr Naiman presents us with the history of cancer treatment. She’s done her homework. She then presents to her readers the salves that have come down to us through history, how well they worked or didn’t, how they’ve been modified over the years, and how they can work today.

She then presents us with color photos of salves working; not recommended for the squeamish.

If chemo is difficult to undergo, using salves is no picnic either. They are not an option to be taken lightly. Dr Naiman gives the reader the pros and cons to help make a difficult decision. Her approach to “alternative medicine” is sober, compassionate, and responsible.

The most remarkable facet to this text book is the cliché often applied to works of fiction: it’s hard to put down. The story, the writing, and the presentation will take hold of your attention and carry you far beyond the scope of mere text. If my own brother were to call me telling me he’d been diagnosed with cancer, to take his mind off of his horrible diagnosis, I’d buy him a copy of this book. Dr Naiman is not just an alternative healer, she is a true magician; her gentle style draws us away from the misery of cancer and into the realm of health and healing.

If you are lost and need a hand, Dr Naiman’s book, Cancer Salves is offering you that gentle, guiding hand right now. I highly recommend this book to all my readers.

To get your copy now, you need point your browser to Her site is, like her book, quite thorough. I was humbled by her page called, My Beliefs in which she describes the spirituality that has led her to healing. She is a truly beautiful person, as you will see in this quotation from that page:

I subscribe to the doctrine of harmlessness. It is for this reason that I cannot embrace modern medicine. I cannot accept medicine that intrudes morbid substances into the body, that uses toxic chemicals to treat illnesses, that causes side effects that are sometimes more horrible than the original illness. I also cannot accept a system of medicine that has been founded on cruel experiments on innocent animals. I do not believe that my well being requires the suffering of any other creature—and I cannot deviate from this belief and still hope to function as a soul.


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